Udaariyaan: Fateh to assure Jasmine?

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Color’s famous show Udaariyaan is gearing up for more drama with Jasmine discovering that she’s pregnant with Amrik’s child.

Previously it was seen that Jasmine told Fateh that they both were left alone after Amrik and Tejo’s death. She said that maybe the destiny wanted to reunite them and hugged Fateh. Fateh asked Jasmine what happened and broke her hallucination. Jasmine thought that Fateh still loves Tejo very much, so he couldn’t be hers. Later Jasmine got shocked discovering that she was pregnant with Amrik’s child. She wondered whom tell about this and decided to talk to Fateh.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Jasmine will arrive at the Virks to tell about her pregnancy. She will refuse to enter the house as Gurpreet will get angry on seeing her. Fateh will feel bad and will hold her hand and will take her inside. They will stop here on hearing Gurpreet saying to Tanya that she will never accept Jasmine, who was responsible for Amrik’s death and Jasmine will never have place in the house. Tanya will come to meet Fateh on the pretext of jogging to seek his help to find a solution to get rid off family question about Tanya rejoining the college. Fateh will ask why she didn’t ask to Jasmine about it. Tanya will say that Jasmine reacts angrily and her behavior changed after arriving to India. Meanwhile Jasmine will isolated seeing her family pampering Tejo. Later Sweety will inform Fateh that Jasmine seems inconsolable. Fateh will come to Jasmine. He will console her and will say that he is with her and will take care of her. He will assure Jasmine that she will get her place in his house. Jasmine will think that Fateh will get her rights for her baby’s sake.

What will happen next? How Virks will react on knowing about Jasmine’s pregnancy?

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