Udaariyaan: Jasmine to not believe Fateh’s words

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Color’s tale (show) of a boxer and two sisters with different dreams, Udaariyaan in its initial episodes only won many hearts with its unique concept. Last viewers watched that, Fateh tried to forget Jasmine but could not succeed. Tejo and Jazz got engaged, but Tejo’s Taaiji started doubting Jazz. Now it will be worth to watch how and who will save Tejo from Jazz’s trap.

In the last episode, Buzzo, Tejo and Amrik asked Fateh to forget Jasmine and not hurt himself. Fateh even being hurt attended Tejo and Jazz’s engagement to fulfill his words/promise to Jazz. Fate didn’t let Jasmine’s friend Preeto know that Jazz and his mother are trapping Tejo and her family just like they trapped /robbed her sister Neetu and her family.

Dilraj told Abhiraj that Jazz and his mother were greedily counting shagan money. Jazz’s mother handled the matter. Satti and Beeji got know that Harman invested Tejo’s marriage money on buying new truck for business. Rupi tried to explain but Satti requested him that nobody else should know about till the engagement gets over.

In the upcoming episode, Jasmine will get know that Fateh is the one who used to send her gifts and love letters. Both of them may give a dance performance at Tejo and Jazz’s engagement function. Here Jazz will tell Tejo that he will find a groom for Jasmine. Other side Fateh will promise Jasmine that he will take her to Canada. Jasmine will not believe him and leave saying he cannot fool her.

Is this dream sequence or will Fateh really take Jasmine to Canada? Will Tejo let this happen? How will Fateh’s and Jasmine’s family react to this? Who will unmask Jazz and his mother’s evil intentions? Will Harman’s one mistake create a rift between Sandhu’s? Whether Jazz will really find a groom for Jasmine?

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