Udaariyaan: Jasmine to want Tejo to witness her marriage with Fateh?

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Colors most popular show Udaariyaan is all set for more with Fateh telling Tejo not to meet him after his marriage with Jasmine to save Tejo from getting more hurt.

In the previous episode it was seen that Tejo learned from Satti about Jasmine torturing the Virks in her sangeet. Tejo felt bad for the Virks. Tejo meet Fateh outside the Virk’s mansion. Tejo said to Fateh that she pained knowing Jasmine’s act. Fateh said to Tejo that he is going to be Jasmine’s husband from the next day and he knows that Tejo will be hurt seeing him with Jasmine. Fateh added that he can’t see Tejo hurt, therefore that they shouldn’t meet each other hereafter.
Tejo got teary eyes hearing this. Jasmine watched all this from the terrace. Jasmine phoned Tejo and demanded her to attend her wedding else she had to send Amrik to bring her. Virks and Sandhus got ready for Fateh and Jasmine’s wedding feeling helpless. Rupy sent Tejo to the temple so that she doesn’t attend Fateh and Jasmine’s wedding. In the temple Tejo prayed to God to save Fateh from Jasmine.

In the upcoming episode it will be seen that Fateh will be dressed up as groom. Gurpreet will perform Fateh’s aarti. Fateh will give her a painful smile. Jasmine will see that Tejo hasn’t come. She will call Amrik and will ask to bring Tejo. She will say that she won’t get married until Tejo comes.

Will Tejo come? Will a miracle save Fateh and his family from Jasmine?

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