Udaariyaan: Jasmine vows Revenge.

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Colors popular show Udaariyaan is gearing up for more drama with Fateh and Jasmine going to Canada and Fateh giving her the most shocking and shattering surprise of her Life.

In the previous episode Jasmine performed her post wedding rituals herself and left. Fateh and Jasmine will be in the airport to go to Canada. Jasmine will Kiss Fateh out of excitement. Other hand Tejo will confess to Rupy that her engagement with Angad is fake and she had done that drama so that family attend Fateh and Jasmine’s wedding. Later Fateh burns her Passport shocking her and tells her the truth of their fake Marriage. Fateh walking on the road wishing for Tejo’s happiness. Tejo on the other hand is travelling with Angad as she is leaving her village.

Jasmine goes back to her house and Rupy who opens the door gets shocked seeing her. Fateh who was lost in his thoughts falls down while walking. He hears Tejo’s voice calling him and he looks up to see Tejo sitting infront of him. Fateh taking a promise from his friend that he will never tell about him to anyone. Jasmine thinks that may be Fateh is here and covering her face goes outside. Fateh tells him that he is leaving and asks him to tell Tejo that he is happy in Canada with his Wife. Jasmine comes out of her house in search of Fateh.

In the Upcoming episodes we will get to see Jasmine thinking that she is very bad no according to all of them then she will become one, she will become bad in a good way and will ruin everyone whoever has destroyed her. Tejo shouts at Angad that if he can interfere in her matter and bring her out of her pain given by Fateh and Jasmine then why can’t she do the same to which Angad shouts back at her that this is not the matter of Jasmine and Fateh but himself. Jasmine is about to step into the bus, Fateh is about to do the same when they both stop and look at each other. Jasmine looks at him with anger.

What is Fateh’s destination now as he is left with nothing? What will Jasmine do? How will Tejo move on in her Life?

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