Udaariyaan: Jasmine’s plan to provoke Gurpreet to fail.

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Colors popular show Udaariyaan is all set for high voltage drama with Fateh taking Tejo to the Sandhus’ house on two conditions.
Previously it was seen that Later Fateh got worried about Tejo when he saw Tejo’s many missed calls. He rushed home and found neighborhood kids annoying Tejo and Tejo crying getting scared.

Fateh chased out the kids. He broke the lock and went it. Ha pacified Tejo. Just then Sunita came back. Fateh scolded her for leaving Tejo alone. He fired her from the work.

Neighborhood people complained to Fateh about Tejo and asked him to either vacate the place or send Tejo to the mental asylum else they will call police. Fateh got worried. Meanwhile Gurpreet learned this and told to Rupy and Satti. She suggested voiding Fateh and Tejo’s marriage. Satti and Rupy refused.

Jasmine made a video call to Yash and made him talk to Satti and Rupy to make Gurpreet worry. Later Satti convinced Fateh to move to Sandhus’ house with Tejo. Fateh moved to the Sandhus. He paid rent to Rupy and requested to accept his two conditions to stay there.

One condition is that he would rent and he would take care of Tejo when he would be at home. Later Fateh warned Jasmine to not trouble Tejo. Jasmined smirked thinking that she brought him here and would get him in her life too.

In the upcoming week it will be seen that Jasmine will say to Gurpreet that she’s going to meet Yash’s parents. Gurpreet will ask her to go and meet them shocking Jasmine.

Tejo will care for Fateh when he will return from work. Sandhus will get happy seeing this. Jasmine will fume seeing this and will vow to get Fateh at any cost.

What will Jasmine do now? What will be her next plan to get Fateh?
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