Udaariyaan: Jay to receive death threats for Ekam!

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Colors’ popular show Udaariyaan is gearing up for more drama with Ekam putting all his efforts into solving Fateh-Tejo’s accident case.

Previously, it was seen that Naaz met Varun at a café on the pretext of returning his wallet. She saw Nehmat and Ekam there and left before being spotted. Later, Nehmat found Jasmine’s letter in Rupy’s room and she grew curious after finding her name being mentioned in that letter.

Before she could read the content, she was dragged away by Naaz. Nehmat dropped the letter in the room. Later she came back to check the letter, but she didn’t find it as Rupy took it in the meantime. Ekam visited Sandhus on a pretext and enquired Rupy about Fateh-Tejo’s accident and learned the name of the inspector who investigated Fateh-Tejo’s case after Jay’s suspension.

He vowed to find Fateh-Tejo’s murder and punish them to reduce Nehmat’s pain. Later, Ekam visited his friend, who had been promoted. He congratulated him and sought his help to view Fateh-Tejo’s accident case file.A constable heard Ekam and nodded yes to the inspector.

In the upcoming episode, it will be seen that the goons who had failed Fateh-Tejo’s car brake wire accidentally will threaten Jay to kill Ekam if he continues to investigate Fateh-Tejo’s case in order to make his girlfriend happy. They will ask Jay to put a full stop to Ekam and Nehmat’s love story. Meanwhile, Ekam and Nehmat promise to always be together.

Will Ekam find the truth about Fateh and Tejo’s accident? How will the truth about Fateh-Tejo’s accident impact Ekam and Nehmat’s love story?

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