Udaariyaan: Kushbeer to refuse to accept Simran?

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Colors popular show Udaariyaan is gearing up for high voltage drama with Virks learning that Candy is Simran son.

In the previous episode it was seen that Gurpreet asked Fateh to accompany to Kushbeer to the market. Jasmine saw this. Jasmine also overheard Tejo over phone saying to Simran she will come in one hour to give a good news. After Tejo left, Jasmine messaged to Simran asking her to come to the market with Candy. Simran wondered why Tejo changed her plan yet she agreed to come. Kushbeer and Fateh were in the market.Jasmine was hidding and waiting for Simran. Simran and Candy arrived there. Candy spotted Kushbeer and called Nanaji. Before Kushbeer can see Candy, Simran hid taking Candy and Jasmine’s plan got flopped.

Later Simran phoned Tejo and thanked her for alerting her earlier. A FB showed of Simran texting Tejo and Tejo realising that something is fishy. Tejo met Simran and persuaded her to come to Virks with Candy. The puja beginned. The priest asked who will light the Diya. Jasmine wanted to light it with Fateh, but Biji stopped her saying that only married couples can do it and Fateh and Tejo aren’t still husband and wife. Gurpreet lighted the Diya. The puja beginned. Tejo brought Simran and Candy at Virks house. Simran hesitated to enter in.

But Candy came where the puja was taking place. Kushbeer and the family got happy to see him. Kushbeer asked Candy about his mom. Candy came running to Simran and took her inside. Kushbeer got shocked on seeing Simran while the rest got happy.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Jasmine will ask Tejo what she did, she hid such a big truth from Kushbeer. Tejo will say Jasmine to not interfere, but Kushbeer will say that Jasmine is right. Kushbeer will refuse to forgive Simran and accept Simran and Candy. Tejo will ask Simran to come with her as she doesn’t have any one here. Tejo will leave taking Simran and Candy. Jasmine will get happy.

What will happen now? Will anyone stop Tejo and Simran? Will Kushbeer have a change of heart?

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