Udaariyaan: Naaz to discover Jasmine’s letter?

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Colors’ popular show Udaariyaan is gearing up for more drama, with Tejo and Fateh telling Nehmat about their decision to adopt Naaz. 

Previously, it was seen that Nehmat got shattered finding her cycle broken. Fateh and Tejo consoled Nehmat. Naaz pretended to be innocent and asked who broke Nehmat’s cycle and even offered Nehmat to take her cycle. Fateh refused and assured Nehmat to fix her cycle. A man told Fateh that a girl in a blue T-shirt had broken the cycle.

Fateh noticed that Naaz was wearing the blue T-shirt and he was shocked to realize that Naaz had broken Nehmat’s cycle. Later, he told Tejo about Naaz’s action and grew worried that Nehmat could suffer because of Naaz’s complexity. Tejo assured Fateh to talk to Naaz to find out what was running in her mind.

Later, Nehmat suggested getting Fateh-Tejo remarried so that she could witness her parents’ marriage. Tejo refused. So Fateh made a plan with Nehmat’s help to convince Tejo. Fateh surprised Tejo and asked her for marriage.

Tejo agreed to marry Fateh again. Nehmat was grateful to have such sweet parents. Meanwhile, Naaz wished to get everything that Nehmat had. Later, Fateh-Tejo told Nehmat about their decision to adopt Naaz. 

In the upcoming episode, it will be seen that Naaz will find a letter in the locker. She will recognize that this was the same letter that Jasmine handed her to give to Rupy. She will read the letter.

She will realize that Jasmine left her permanently and will never return. She will break down in tears. Tejo will arrive there and will find a shattered Naaz. She will notice Jasmine’s letter next to her.

Will Tejo be able to console Naaz? What will be the future of Nehmat and Naaz ? 

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