Udaariyaan: Naaz’s truth to come in front of Nehmat!

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Colors’ popular show Udaariyaan is gearing up for more drama, with Nehmat getting blamed for Jayveer’s death.

Previously, it was seen that Ekam held Nehmat responsible for Jayveer’s death. He expressed his hate to her and said that he didn’t need her in his life when Nehmat tried to explain to him. He even prevented Nehmat from putting flowers on his dad’s body and he threw her out of the house.

A heart broken, Nehmat burst into tears. Later, Sandhus also blamed Nehmat for Jayveer’s death and lashed out at her. Rupy stopped them. He only believed that Nehmat could never have published that article and there must be some misunderstanding. He consoled Nehmat and asked her to talk to Ekam after sometime.

Jasmine burned Tejo and Fateh’s photo. She decided to go to India to attend Naaz’s wedding as  Jayveer, who was the only witness to her crime and who could connect her to the Sandhus, was no more. 

In the upcoming episode, it will be shown that Nehmat will try to explain to Ekam that she didn’t publish Jayveer’s article. Ekam will shout at Nehmat. He will say that Nehmat was working on that article and that article was on her laptop and will ask how someone else apart from her could have published it.

Nehmat will discover that Naaz did it. Nehmat will confront Naaz and will say that she is 100℅ sure that Naaz published Jayveer’s article. Jasmine will decide to return to India to help Naaz as Nehmat is becoming a problem in Naaz’s life. 

Will this be Ekam and Nehmat’s relationship’s end? Can Nehmat prove to Ekam her innocence? What new storm will bring Jasmine’s arrival to India in Ekam and Nehmat’s life? 

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