Udaariyaan: Nehmat to demand an answer from Advait!

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Colors TV’s popular show Udaariyaan is gearing up for more drama with Shamsher making a shocking announcement at the party.

Previously, it was seen that Advait was shocked to spot Harleen at the party. He asked Harleen what she was doing there. Harleen threatened Advait to expose the truth that they were married to Nehmat if he didn’t stop his questions. Later, Harleen met the Sandhus and revealed that she was Jasmine’s daughter. Ekam was shocked to learn the same and questioned her about hiding it from him.

He said that Jasmine used to trouble Nehmat’s parents. Harleen asked Ekam not to hate her for Jasmine’s misdeeds as she wasn’t like her mom. Nehmat was shocked to learn that Harleen was Jasmine’s daughter. She doubted that she had entered Ekam’s life with some hidden intention.

She confronted Harleen about the same. Harleen confessed her love for Ekam in front of Nehmat and asked Nehmat to go away from Ekam’s life. Advait was scared of Veronica exposing him at the party and sought Shamsher’s help. Shamsher announced in the party that Nehmat and Advait were going to become parents, shocking everyone.

In the upcoming episode, it will be seen that Nehmat will question Advait about Shamsher making a fake announcement at the party about her being pregnant with Advait’s child and will demand an answer from him.

Ekam will see the news about Shamsher announcing that Nehmat and Advait are going to become parents on the TV and will boil in anger. Jasmine will phone Harleen and will ask her why she didn’t reveal the truth about her and Advait being married to Nehmat.

Harleen will refuse to tell this truth to Nehmat and will confess that she loves Ekam, which will shock Jasmine.

What will happen next? Will Advait tell Nhemat about Veronica? Will Ekam believe Shamsher’s lie about Nehmat being pregnant with Advait’s child? How will Jasmine react after knowing Harleen has fallen for Ekam?

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