Udaariyaan: Nehmat to spot Ekam with Harleen!

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Colors TV’s popular show Udaariyaan is gearing up for more drama, with Nehmat leaving the house after

Previously, it was seen that the Kapoors were shocked to see Nehmat ready to leave the house. Shamsher asked Nehmat what happened. Nehmat said that she wanted to go to her house for a while and said to ask Advait the reason. Neeru intervened and blamed Nehmat.

She said that she had caught Nehmat and Ekam red-handed in the morning and spoke ill of Nehmat’s character. Ekam shut her mouth. Ekam exposed Advait’s affair with a girl in front of the family despite Nehmat pleading with him not to.

Shamsher got furious at Advait and slapped him. Nehmat left Kapoor’s house. An enraged Advait vowed to take revenge on Ekam for his insult.

In the upcoming episode, it will be shown that Ekam will visit Sandhus to know if Nehmat told them about Advait’s affair. On finding them happy, he will understand that Nehmat hasn’t told them the truth yet. Nehmat will hide from Ekam and will not go in front of him.

She will feel guilty for hurting Ekam so much and will decide to apologize to him. She will lie to Rupy and will go to see him. Meanwhile, Harleen will go to the police station, taking Ekam’s breakfast as he has left without having food. Harleen will have breakfast with him. Ekam will care for Harleen when she eats Mirchi.

Ekam will offer to drop her off. Later, Nehmat will shocked to spot Ekam with Harleen. At Kapoor’s house, Shamsher will urge Advait to convince Nehmat and bring her back home before Lohri’s party.

Advait will refuse to apologize to her. However, he will decide to convince Nehmat when his GF threatens to expose their affair in front of the media during Lohri’s party.

What will happen next? Did Nehmat see Harleen’s face? Will Nehmat return to Kapoor’s house?

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