Udaariyaan: Omg! Jordan to stab Aasmaa, will she be safe?

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Colors TV show Udaariyaan is being a rollercoaster ride for the viewers, with Aasmaa and Armaan’s love on one side and Alia’s dirty tricks with help of Jordan on other end. Who will win this game?


In the previous episode, Jordan got attacked by Aasmaa who captured him inside a net. Jordan confesses about hanging Kabir’s corpse on chandelier. Alia reaches there and puts all on the blame on Jordan.Aasmaa thinks she has joined hands with Alia only to expose Jordan and her.

All ladies from Armaan’s family and neighbors gather there holding sticks in hands. Aasmaa tells Jordan that all this is planned by Alia and he thinks that Alia has double crossed him. Jordan tells Alia to confess the truth or else he will show the proof against her.

Aasma ties Jordan to chair and Alia peeks inside to hear them talking. Jordan asks Aasmaa to get his name clear so that he can get visa to leave the country. Aasmaa tries to fool Jordan and says him that Alia told about Jordan being involved in Kabir’s murder.

In the upcoming episode, Jordan will chase Aasmaa and the latter will get stabbed by Jordan. Alia will laugh evily seeing the same meanwhile Armaan will get worried for Aasmaa’s safety. To know what’s happening next stay tuned with us!