Udaariyaan: Preeto to expose Jazz?

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Colors newly launched show Udaariyaan’s story is going to witness most crucial twist and turns. Actual twisted love tale of Fateh, Jasmine and Tejo is going to start from today. Where, now Jasmine and Fateh will be seen coming closer, Tejo’s life will take drastic turn after Jazz’s betrayal.

In the last episode, Tejo got ready in her bridal outfit. Jasmine weaned off bad sight from Tejo. Sandhu’s welcomed guests in their house. All of them waited for Jazz and called him, but turned out unavailable. Sandhu’s got worried.

Tejo made Jasmine call Fateh to know about Jazz’s whereabouts. Other side Preeto and Neetu waited for Jazz on their selected/given location. Jazz played smart and booked train tickets and a car to run away.

Fateh told Jasmine, he is too waiting for Jazz with all baaraat arrangements. Tejo got more tensed. Fateh called her and told her that she is double special for him. Jazz’s baaraat reached Sandhu house. Sandhu’s got relaxed. Jazz with smirk recalled how he planned to not go to take money from Neetu even after his mother’s reluctance.

Sandhu’s welcomed Jazz. Jasmine did some brother-in-law and sister-in-law fun with Jazz. Fateh and Jasmine danced in baaraat. Preeto doubt got confirmed when she called Jazz and heard Abhiraj’s voice. She immediately left for Sandhu’s house in worry. Other side Jazz’s mother asked her Pandit Ji to finish wedding soon.

In the upcoming episode, Fateh will flirt with Jasmine and Preeto will try her best to reach Sandhu house and expose Jazz and his mother. Tejo will be seen crying and ruining decorations of her wedding bed. 

We in our earlier posted informed you about new promo, which showed that in future episodes, Fateh and Jasmine will be seen coming closer but on other side Tejo’s faith, trust and heart will break down. Have a look at intriguing promo:

As per sources, Tejo will finally get married but with whom from Jazz and Fateh is yet to be cleared.

Whom will Tejo get married to? Whom will Fateh choose Jasmine or his Family? Will Khushbeer and Gurpreet be able to change Fateh’s decision? What drama will happen in Tejo’s wedding?

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