Udaariyaan: Rano requests Aasman to come back!

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Udaariyaan is going to be dramatic as well as saddening in the upcoming days as Aasman is heartbroken while Kabir- the psycho has plans for Aasman!


In the latest episode, Ekam apologises to Aasman for not being able to be there for Aasman when she needed him the most. Aasman tells him that Deepak has been there for her always and she is lucky to have him. Ekam says that she has two fathers from now on so she must not feel alone.

He also says that he is ashamed of Alia’s deeds but doesn’t want to talk about it. Armaan asks her to let him protect her since she is in danger but Aasman says that she doesn’t need him to protect her. Kabir intervenes and says that Aasman doesn’t need him anymore and he’s there as Aasman’s friend to protect Aasman. 

Aasman feels devastated and confused, unable to forget Armaan. She sits alone in her room and cries. Deepak asks her what’s wrong so she says that she is having a war between her heart and mind. Her mind is saying that Armaan was never hers while her heart says that she will never be able to forget Armaan. Rano comes to the Dhillon mansion and apologises to Aasman for supporting Armaan even after knowing everything. Aasman says that she can understand why she did it and has no hard feelings for her. Rano gives Aasman her first diwali shagun and requests her to go back to her in-laws. Aasman says that she can’t ruin her own pride of being a woman with her own hands. 

Armaan makes a rangoli while thinking of Aasman. He tells Raja that he believes that Aasman would surely come to their place for Diwali if not for him then for the others. After Rano leaves, Armaan recalls Armaan and Rano’s words and tries to make a decision. In the next episode, Aasman would be seen getting out of her car at Armaan’s place. Would Armaan get to talk to Aasman ? Would she listen to his apologies ? To know what happens next, keep watching Udaariyaan and stay tuned to this space for more updates.