Udaariyaan: Sandhu’s to beat Fateh suspecting him to be involved with Jazz

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Colors newly launched show Udaariyaan’s story is going to witness most crucial twist and turns. Actual twisted love tale of Fateh, Jasmine and Tejo is going to start from today. Where, now Jasmine and Fateh are seen coming closer, Tejo’s life takes drastic turn after Jazz’s betrayal. Let’s see what happens next.

In the last episode, Jazz and his mother left Tejo alone in the hotel. Tejo interrupted Jasmine and Fateh’s date in her hotel room. Other side Gurpreet and Fateh’s grandmother scolded Mahi and Amrik for hiding about Fateh’s love and Jasmine from them.

Mahi and Amrik tried convincing Gurpreet and their grandmother that Jasmine is a good person. But Gurpreet and their grandmother denied to believe them telling that hearing about Jasmine’s dream, she seems selfish. They also told that Jasmine is not good for Fateh and siding all Virk children with her by hypnotizing them.

Other side, Tejo kept waiting for Jazz till 6:30 am in the next day. She got tensed on getting Jazz and his mother’s phone switched off. Tejo in tension called Rupi and told him everything. He too got tensed. Harman and Rupi left to search for Jazz and his mother.

Both of them got shocked to know that Jazz and his mother left and checked-out of the hotel. Everyone told them the same thing. Tejo too got to know about it from Rupi and Harman. She recalled everything with Jazz and what Preeto told her about fraud with Neetu.

Here, Tejo broke down recalling everything and doubted that Jazz to be the fraud. Other side, Rupi also thought that Jazz and his mother to be fraud. He too broke down. Harman tried calming him.

In the upcoming episode, Satti will prepare for Tejo’s Pag Phera Ceremony. Broken Tejo will return Sandhu house with Harman and Rupi. Sandhu’s will get to know about Jazz’s fraud. Fateh will to reach Sandhu house and inform Sandhu’s that Jazz is fraud. Sandhu’s will suspect Fateh too involved in it and will beat him. Abhiraj will take vase and will try to attack Fateh.

Whom will Fateh choose Jasmine or his Family? Will Khushbeer and Gurpreet be able to change Fateh’s decision? How will Tejo handle herself after Jazz’s betrayal/fraud? Where and how is Preeto? Will Fateh prove himself innocent and get Jazz arrested?

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