Udaariyaan: Shelly to catch Nehmat and Advait having a private meeting in Shimla!

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Colors’ popular show Udaariyaan is gearing up for more drama, with Mallika getting upset to find Nehmat and Advait at a coffee shop. 

Previously, it was seen that Nehmat decided to seek Advait’s help to stop the article from being published. She phoned Advait and asked him to meet her to explain to him her problem. Advait agreed to meet her. Naaz overheard this and planned to make Mallika see Nehmat with Advait. Naaz found out where Advait and Nehmat were going to meet by stalking Nehmat’s phone.

Naaz then phoned Mallika and convinced her to go shopping along with her by saying that Rama had wanted that. She took Mallika to the coffee shop where Nehmat and Advait were. Mallika was shocked to see Nehmat with Advait and became teary eyes.

She recalled the astrologer’s words that someone close to her would come between her and her love. She angrily left. Later, Mallika told Ekam about Advait and Nehmat lying to her and meeting at the coffee shop behind her back. Ekam comforted Mallika and assured her to talk to Nehmat.

Ekam met Nehmat and asked where she was the whole day. Nehmat lied that she was in the office. Ekam was shocked and wondered why Nehmat was hiding from him about meeting Advait. 

In the upcoming episode, it will be shown that Advait and Nehmat will plan to meet. Advait will ask Nehmat if she hasn’t told Ekam about the article. Nehmat will reply no. Ekam will be waiting for Nehmat with a flower bouquet.

Shelly will be shocked to spot Advait and Nehmat having a private meeting in a café in Shimla. She will click photos of Advait and Nehmat holding hands. Shelly will send those photos to Naaz. Then, she will call Naaz and will ask her to check the photos.

Naaz will be shocked to see the photos.  Shelly will tell Naaz that Nehmat and Advait are in Shimla. She will add that Nehmat has come to Shimla with Mallika’s bride for a honeymoon when there’s only one week left for Mallika and Advait’s wedding. Naaz will smirk. 

How will Mallika and Ekam react on knowing about Nehmat and Advait’s secret meeting? 

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