Udaariyaan: Tanya Gill to make a shocking revelation to Fateh?

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Colors popular show Udaariyaan is gearing up for more drama with Amrik breathing his last after Angad shot him.

Previously it was seen that Tejo learned that Fateh and Jasmine rushed Amrik to the hospital. Tejo stepped back and watched the ambulance leaving. The ambulance reached the hospital and Amrik was taken to the operation theater. Fateh and Jasmine broke down in tears. Fateh asked where Tejo was. He enquired the cops about Tejo and learned that she hadn’t come with them. Jasmine assured Fateh that Tejo must have gone to complete some formalities. However Fateh worried about Tejo. Fateh got Gurpreet’s call. Gurpreet asked Fateh to talk to Amrik. Fateh hid Amrik’s condition and lied that Amrik went to the market with Jasmine. Gurpreet sought Fateh to promise that he would bring Amrik home. Fateh will agreed crying. Doctor told Fateh that Amrik wanted to talk to him and it could be Amrik’s last minutes shocking Fateh and Jasmine. Amrik expressed his love for Jasmine and his family. He asked Fateh to promise that he would take Tejo to India and would take care of the family and Jasmine and breathed his last.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Tejo will say to Fateh that she is sad with Amrik’s death and she will never forget that he sacrificed his life to save her. Fateh will ask why she is talking like this. Tejo will tell that she isn’t Tejo, she is Tanya Gill, special officer from Punjab police. She will add that Tejo is dead and she’s only her lookalike shocking Fateh.

What will happen next? What new twist will bring Amrik’s death in Fateh’s life? Did Tejo really died?

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