Udaariyaan: Tejo and Jazz’s marriage functions ahead

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Colors show Udaariyaan is gaining audience’s attention ever since its launch. Tejo, Fateh and Jasmine’s unique love story is show’s attraction. Currently, show is witnessing a lot misunderstandings between lead characters. Slowly truth’s layers are getting opened. Where on one side, Fateh is seen trying to make his place in Jasmine’s heart. He is also trying to get Tejo’s forgiveness. Now in the upcoming episode, Fateh will be seen shattered learning about Jasmine’s dream!

In the last episode, Fateh explained Tejo about his true love and feelings for Jasmine. Tejo believed him but broke his heart by telling him that Jasmine loves nobody except Canada. She further explained him that Jasmine wants to marry some who could take her to Canada.

On the other side, Jazz and his mother manipulated Sandhu’s and collected more information about their wealth. Rupi (Tejo’s father) got know that Harman spent Tejo’s marriage money in buying a new truck. Where Tejo requested Abhiraj to handle her roka and family till she comes back receiving her best teacher award. Other side Buzzo asked Fateh to forget Jasmine.

In the upcoming episode, viewers will get to watch that Tejo and Jazz’s Roka and Sangeet ceremony will commence. Check out Roka/ Sangeet ceremony picture below:


Further, Fateh may again try to make his place in Jasmine’s heart by attending Tejo and Jazz’s marriage ceremonies.

If sources are to be believed Jasmine and Fateh’s younger brother Amanpreet will end up together. It is not yet confirmed.

Will now Tejo forgive Fateh? Whether Fateh try again to win Jasmine’s heart? Who will he choose Jasmine or his family? After this will Tejo’s and Fateh’s misunderstandings end? Who will save Tejo from Jazz’s trap?

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