Udaariyaan: Tejo to catch Jasmine Redhanded?

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Colors’ top show Udaariyaan keeps its audience engaged to the show with its gripping storyline.

In the previous episode it was seen that Jasmine decided to make Tejo out of the house. Tejo came to sleep in her room and got bad smell in the room. She sprayed room freshener, but no use of it. So Tejo went to the hall and slept in the couch opposite of the couch on which Fateh is sleeping. Jasmine saw this and got angry. Fateh woke up and got surprised on seeing Tejo sleeping opposite to him. Tejo felt cold. Fateh assured that Tejo didn’t have fever. In the morning family saw Tejo sleeping on the couch and questioned about the same. Tejo told them about the bad smell coming from her room. Family checked the room and decided to call the cleaners. Jasmine smirked and recalled placing something in Tejo’s room. Tejo family paid visit to them. Cleaners and plumbers checked the room and couldn’t find from where the smell was coming. Dadji said that it could terminate they need to break wall. Mayi worried where Tejo will stay until the wall built again. Tejo decided to return to her parents house. Biji asked Tejo to promise to return her when her room will ready. Tejo agreed. Tejo got doubts on Jasmine and warned her when she tried to mess up with Tejo.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Tejo will leave the house. Jasmine will come to Tejo and will say that it’s good Tejo is leaving, now along with the walls, the walls color will also change. Tejo will reply that they will see and leaves. Tejo will be on the way in the car with her family. Tejo will be thoughtful. Meanwhile Jasmine will get into Tejo’s room and will take out the dead mouse. Someone will come there and will trun on the lights. Jasmine will look shocked.

Who has come? Did Tejo come back?

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