Udaariyaan: Tejo to create a ruckus during Fateh’s football match!

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Colors popular show udaariyaan is gearing up for more drama with Gurpreet stopping Fateh from going to Tejo.

Previously it was seen that Fateh and Tejo asked the Saint about Tejo’s future and their marriage. The Saint said that they may not get what they wish for. He said that Fateh should make his heart, only God’s would happen.

Fateh said that he got Tejo after lot of hardship so he won’t let anything happen to their relation. Meanwhile Gurpreet asked Kushbeer to persuade Fateh to marry Jasmine. Kushbeer said that Fateh wouldn’t agree as he loves Tejo. Nimmo asked what Fateh would marry Tejo. Gurpreet said that she would die before that.

Tejo woke up startled on seeing a nightmare in which she was finding Fateh and shouted on seeing a girl. Tejo looked for Fateh and create a scene waking up all in the family. Satti and Rupy tried to call Tejo down. Jasmine called Gurpreet and make her hear Tejo’s scream. Fateh sensed Tejo wasn’t well and video called Satti.

On knowing Tejo’s condition he agreed to come immediately. Gurpreet tried to stop Fateh from going to Tejo. Fateh said thar he had to go to keep the promise he gave to Tejo. pressurized him to marry Jasmine reminding his promise to Anrik and Jasmine. However Fateh left saying Tejo needed him. Fateh calmed Tejo down and put her to sleep.

In the upcoming week it will be shown that Fateh will play a football match. Tejo will cheer for him. Fateh will fall down and will get hurt. Tejo will get angry and will beat the opposite team player blaming him for Fateh’s injury. Fateh will calm down Tejo. The principal will scold Fateh for losing the match and running college’s name because of his personal matters. He will warn that Fateh has to face the consequences of losing this match.

What will happen next? Will Jasmine get successful in her intention?

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