Udaariyaan: Tejo to get accused for leaking the question papers.

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Colors’ popular show Udaariyaan is gearing up for drama with Tejo being accused.

In the previous episode it was seen that Tejo decided to start working on mission bringing Simran back home. She saw Gurpreet making Simran’s favorite and took it for Simran. She phoned Simran and told that she has her favorite dish made by Gurpreet and wanted to meet her to give it to her. However Simran got worried that Kushbeer will scold Tejo, if he learns it.
Tejo was ready to get scolded for Gurpreet and Simran’s happiness. Tejo asked Simran to get Candy ready. Sweetu phoned Jasmine and sought her help. She asked Jasmine to ask Tejo what type of questions they will get as Tejo sets the questions papers. Jasmine got an idea to defame Tejo.

Tejo brought candy to Virk’s house saying he’s her colleague’s son. The virks played with Candy and had fun. Jasmine wanted to defame Tejo leaking the question papers prepared Tejo. Jasmine executed her plan by accessing Tejo’s laptop when Tejo wasn’t in her room. Jasmine was copying the questions papers in the pen drive. She got shocked on seeing Tejo coming to the room.

In the upcoming week it will be shown that Tejo will deny of leaking the question papers. The principal will say that Tejo gave tuitions to the students and some of them are rich. She will ask Tejo how much money she got. Fateh will find Tejo lying on the road crying. Fateh will hug Tejo asking what happened.

Will Tejo find out that Jasmine leaked the question papers? How Virks will react knowing this?

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