Udaariyaan: Tejo to help Fateh

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Colors newly launched show Udaariyaan’s story is heading towards a lot of twists and turns. Last viewers watched that Fateh’s Canada work permit got exposed to his mother and father. Fateh’s father got angry on Fateh’s mother. Other side Preeto reached Sandhu’s house, who can now expose Jazz, but the latter may have some plan ready for that too. Let’s see how Fateh and Tejo’s problems will end.

In the last episode, Fateh changed his side and got on Bride’s side for sangeet ceremony. Jasmine got happy with Preeto’s arrival. Amrik, Mahi and Buzzo teased Fateh on Jasmine’s ignorance. Family and guests enjoyed and dance in Sangeet ceremony. Jazz and his mother arrived but missed seeing Preeto because of Sandhu’s welcoming them.  

Preeto met Satti and Tejo. She changed her clothes and danced with Jasmine and guests. She felt that Kuldeep who did fraud with her sister Neetu is in the sangeet ceremony. Jazz’s mother saw Preeto and informed about it to Jazz. Jazz’s other acted ill and both of them hid in a room. Preeto followed them but failed to see them.

Next Fateh’s father reached between girls and boys dance competition in sangeet and got angry on Fateh after showing him his Canadian work permit. He asked for an explanation but Fateh asked him to talk slowly and outside Sandhu house or after reaching home making latter angry. Tejo looked at them confused and scared.

In the upcoming episode, Tejo will tell Fateh that she will help him to make his place in Jasmine’s heart. Jasmin and Fateh will have a romantic dance. Fateh will finally tell his father that he applied for Job in Canada on his own wish for his love and no one can stop him. He will stop his father from raising hand on him.

We in our earlier posts informed that B Praak will come in Baisakhi episode as special guest. We also shared the latest promo, which showed that Fateh and Sarabjit will help each other meet their love in special Mahasangam episode of Udaariyaan and Choti Sarrdaarni. See Promo:

Will Khushbeer and Gurpreet be able to change Fateh’s decision? Why will Tejo agree to help Fateh?

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