Udaariyaan: Tejo to vow to stop Jasmine?

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Colors popular show Udaariyaan is all set for more drama with Jasmine revealing to Gurpreet about Fateh’s decision and Gurpreet rushing to stop Fateh.

Previously it was seen that Tejo told Angad about Jasmine’s conditions to save Amrik and Amrik’s suicide attempt which shocked Angad. The latter decided to tell the truth to Tejo. Kusbeer asked Fateh to rethink about his decision. Fateh stayed firm in his decision. He told that he is surrending himself to the police the next day. Tejo poured her heart to Satti and bursted into tears. Satti comforted her. Other side Fateh got sad recalling his moments with Tejo. The next day Fateh took Biji and Dadaji blessings on the pretext of going to meet the lawyer regarding Amrik case. He finally met Kushbeer and had an emotional talk with him. Meanwhile Jasmine met Gurpreet in the Gurudwara. She revealed that Fateh decided to take the accident blame and to go to the jail to save Amrik which shocked Gurpreet. Jasmine asked Gurpreet to go home fast and stop Fateh. Gurpreet rushed to go home. Tejo kept thinking about Fateh. She decided to meet Fateh before he leaves for police station. Angad arrived there to tell her about Jasmine’s fake accident plan.

In the upcoming episode it will be seen that Jasmine will come to Virk’s house with a music band. She will dance and will celebrate. Amrik will look scared while Fateh will look on angrily. Elsewhere Tejo will learn about Jasmine’s plan. She will say that Jasmine’s game is over now. She will rush to the Virks. As her scooty will break down on her way, she will try to reach her location by running. She will fall on the mud. But she will get up with determination and run towards her location.

Will Tejo stop Jasmine? Will Jasmine’s game come to an end?

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