Udaariyaan: Virks to get arrested?

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Colors popular daily soap Udaariyaan is gearing up for more drama with Jasmine suffering a miscarriage.

Previously it was seen that Jasmine lied to Gurpreet that her friend’s Nikki’s brother died in a car accident and sought her permission to meet her friend in order to console her. Gurpreet agreed with condition that Jasmine looked after herself and her baby.

Fateh helped Tejo to cook. Tejo’s eyes started to burn and Fateh helped Tejo. They came closer. Fateh got annoyed knowing that Tejo making salad for Jasmine. Here Jasmine chose a black dress and threw it out of the window to wear it after leaving the house.

Later Jasmine reached the bar in that black dress and had fun with her friends. Jasmine bumped into a lady and got into a fight. While angrily going down, she stumbled and fell from the stairs. She shouted in pain holding her tummy.

Her friend, Dimple, rushed Jasmine to the hospital. Jasmine got shocked when doctor told that she had a miscarriage due to heavy internal bleeding. Jasmine cried out realizing that her plan of getting Fateh back was ruined.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Dimple will ask Jasmine what she will tell the family, she has to tell them the truth. Jasmine will look on. Other hand Tejo will be shocked when police will arrive at the Virks to arrest them all for assaulting Aman.

Here Jasmine will decide to Amritsar as she feels no option left for her. She will say that she won’t let them mock, insult her or send her to the jail.

Can Tejo save the Virks from getting arrested? Will the family find out about Jasmine’s miscarriage? How they will react?

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