Udaariyaan Weekly Summary: Jasmine plans to defame Tejo.

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The week begins with some ladies blackening protesting against Fateh and Jasmine and blackening Jasmine’s face. Tejo comes back and gets shocked on seeing this. Tejo saves Jasmine from those ladies and rebukes them for their action. Jasmine cries to Fateh blaming Tejo for what happened with her. She demands Fateh to oust Teji from the house.
Fateh takes Jasmine to his family. He lashes out at his family and declares that either he or Tejo should stay in this house. Kushbeer firmly says that Tejo will stay here and asks Fateh to get out taking Jasmine. Fateh leaves the house with Jasmine. Gurpreet gets heartbroken and pleads with Tejo to bring Fateh back home

Tejo asks Buzzo’s help to find Fateh. Buzzo agrees. They check every hotel in the city. Other hand Kushbeer lashes out at Gurpreet for sending Tejo to find Fateh. Gurpreet refuses to have food, so Biji wants to convince her, but Kushbeer stops her saying to let Gurpreet act stubborn. Nimmo says that Kushbeer will break this family by always taking Tejo’s side. Kushbeer firmly says that no matter what he will always stand by Tejo’s side.
Tejo finds Fateh’s whereabouts and asks Buzzo to leave. Buzzo obeys. Jasmine leaves the room getting angry on seeing Tejo and sits in the reception. Tejo tries to convince Fateh to return home and he argues with her. Police raids that hotel. Jasmine hides under the table on seeing police. Police catches Fateh and Tejo. The two tries to clarify that they’re husband and wife, but police refuses to believe them. Fateh gets angry when a police officer badmouthes Tejo. Tejo calms Fateh down.

Police starts to drag Fateh and Tejo separately, but Fateh hugs Tejo not letting her go. However police separates them and makes them get on the jeep. Jasmine gets shocked on seeing this. Tejo and Fateh are put on the same lock up. Jasmine reaches the police and tells the inspector that they arrested her husband, Fateh Singh Virk. The officer asks Fateh if Tejo is his only wife. Fateh confirms it. Jasmine leaves getting angry hearing this.

Fateh and Tejo argues blaming each other. A drunken person is put with Tejo and Fateh. That drunkard dances with Fateh and Tejo laughs seeing this. The man says that his wife ran away with someone else and cries. Tejo gets sad hearing this. Fateh asks her what happened. Tejo says that she never thought that Fateh would show her the experience of spending a night in the lock up. Fateh apologizes to Tejo saying he’s helpless. Tejo says that he should have thought about this helplessness when he took her for night-out.
Tejo further says that Fateh used her and played with her emotions. Fateh askes Tejo why she doesn’t move on in her life and says that he can’t see her like this. Amrit reaches police station as Jasmine called him. Amrit tries to talk to the officer to free Fateh and Tejo, but the officer asks him to come morning. Tejo tries to convince Fateh to return home. Fateh says that he can’t return there with Jasmine until Tejo is there.

Tejo says that Kushbeer won’t let her go. Fateh says that he can stop Tejo until she’s his wife. The morning Amrit shows Fateh and Tejo wedding photos and marriage certificate as proof and gets them out. Jasmine wants to take Fateh to her friend’s apartment, but Fateh wants to return home. Jasmine refuses to return there until Tejo is Fateh’s wife. Fateh reveals that Tejo agreed to give him divorce.

Fateh returns home. Gurpreet hugs Fateh crying and shares an emotional moment. Tejo phones Buzzo and gets a lawyer’s number. In the night Fateh goes to the kitchen to make noodles. He recalls eating noodles with Tejo. He goes to the terrace and finds Tejo there with noodles. She asks him to share the noodles with her as it will be their last food together as best friends.
The next day she will be free from the fake relationship and he will also enjoy his new relationship. The morning Tejo and Fateh sign the divorce papers with an heavy heart. They are asked to come to the court the next day. Tejo and Fateh are sad and get ready for the court hearing while Jasmine is elated.

Tejo and Fateh reach the court along with their family. Fateh asks Jasmine to wait outside. The judge asks Tejo if she was forced for divorce. Tejo denies it. The judge asks Fateh and Tejo why they want divorce. Fateh says that he did lot of mistakes and didn’t want Tejo pay for it. Tejo says that love ended in their relationship. The judge asks both families opinion and at last Fateh and Tejo’s opinion on this divorce. The judge decides to gave them six months time to reconcile. Jasmine gets shocked knowing this. Fateh asks an angry Jasmine to accept what happened and to try to win his family’s heart instead of hating Tejo. Other hand Tejo had an emotional talk with Viraj and Satti.

Kushbeer regrets forcing Tejo to stay here. He has a talk with Gurpreet over it and they decide to wait for six months and let Tejo leave if she wants. In the evening Virks arrange dinner for Tejo to cheer her up. Fateh has dinner with Jasmine and misses his family. Jasmine sees Kushbeer praising Tejo and decides to spoil Tejo’s imagine in family’s sight, so that they will throw her out of the house.

Tejo decides to start working on mission bringing Simran back home. She brings Simran’s son candy to Virk’s house saying he’s her colleague’s son. The virks play with Candy and have fun. Jasmine gets idea of defaming Tejo by stealing the question papers prepared by her for college exam while speaking to Sweety. Jasmine executes her plan by accessing Tejo’s laptop when she’s not in her room. She is copying the questions papers in the pendrive. Tejo enters the room shocking Jasmine.

In the upcoming week it will be shown that Tejo will be accused for leaking question papers. Fateh will find a devastated Tejo on the road and will comfort her.

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