Udaariyaan Weekly Update: Fateh accepts mentally unstable Tejo and refuses to marry Jasmine.

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Last week it was seen that Jasmine happily got ready for the engagement whereas Fateh was sad remembering Tejo. Other hand Tejo got ready as bride to meet Fateh. She told her friend that someone promised her to make her meet Fateh. Tanya was on the way to Barnala to take Tejo home. Swaran got to know from the caretaker about Tejo waiting for Fateh. She couldn’t see Tejo’s face as the latter covered it. Tejo wanted Fateh to see her face first. Swaran advised Tejo to go and find Fateh by herself.

Tanya reached the ashram and learned that police came there to check the background of the women who were staying there. Tanya decided to unite Fateh and Tejo before police could find about Tejo’s past. So she called Fateh and asked him to come to Barnala without asking any question if he really loved Tejo. Fateh rushed to Barnala. Jasmine got to know this on overhearing Fateh. She wondered why Tanya called Fateh to Barnala. She decided to find it out by going there.

Meanwhile Tejo decided to go to find Fateh by herself following Swaran’s advice. She escaped through the window and ran to find Fateh. Tanya learned that Tejo was missing and got worried about her. Meanwhile Fateh and Tejo reached a fair. They both came face to face. Fateh stood stunned on seeing Tejo.

Fateh cried happy tears realizing his lady love is alive. The latter said him to not cry and express his joy. She danced and asked him to dance with her. Fateh and Tejo danced together. Meanwhile Jasmine reached the ashram. Tanya hid on seeing Jasmine. She went to find Fateh and Tejo.

Jasmine met the ashram people on the pretext of bringing fruits for the kids. She learned that they were finding a girl named Heer and that girl was waiting for her groom Fateh. Jasmine got suspicious and checked the ashram register. She saw Tejo’s photo whom they called as Heer. She learned that Tejo was found on the river side with burning injuries. Jasmine realized that Tejo is alive, Tanya was aware about it and she hid it from her. Jasmine understood that Tanya called Fateh here to unite Tejo with Fateh.

Jasmine heard the girls talking that Heer must be gone to the fair organized near the ashram. Jasmine arrived there and confronted Tanya about hiding Tejo being alive. Jasmine made Tanya unconscious and kidnapped her. Jasmine vowed to not let Fateh and Tejo to unite again. Meanwhile Fateh and Tejo reached the ashram.
Fateh met Amma and Tejo’s friend. Amma asked Tejo to pack her things to go home with Fateh. Tejo refused to go leaving Fateh as she was scared that Fateh will leave her again. Fateh promised her that he will never leave her side. Amma asked for proof that he was Fateh.

Fateh showed her his photo with Tejo on his mobile. Fateh also mentioned about Tejo meeting with an accident six months before. Fateh requested Amma to let him take Tejo with him. Amma hesitated as she doubted that Fateh wouldn’t be able to handle Tejo’s panic attacks. As they were talking, Tejo got a panic attack seeing a burning lantern.

Fateh got shocked on seeing this. Amma and all had difficulty to calm her down. Fateh hugged Tejo to pacify Tejo. The latter calmed down in his arms.

Fateh convinced Amma to take Tejo home. Amma gave him one month time to prove he could handle Tejo. Fateh and Tejo took their leave. Fateh brought Tejo to the Sandhus. Tejo fainted getting flashes of her past. Sandhus got worried on seeing unconscious Tejo. Fateh shocked them by revealing about Tanya’s truth and she was the real Tejo.

Meanwhile Jasmine reached the ashram and got shocked learning that Fateh took Tejo with him. Here Fateh said to the Sandhus to keep Tejo away from the fire and to not use sister word in front of her as she hates that word. Jasmine got furious on seeing Tejo. She hallucinationes of stabbing her. However Jasmine hid her hatred for Tejo and pretended to be happy seeing Tejo alive.

Tejo felt anxious with Jasmine’s presence. She stopped Jasmine from hugging her and asked her to stay away from here. Tejo asked who Jasmine was. Fateh lied that Jasmine was her best friend.

Later Tejo said to Fateh that he wanted to stay where he was staying. Fateh said that it wasn’t possible as they weren’t married. Tejo suggested getting married immediately. Fateh said that they need time to make arrangements. Jasmine overheard this and got determined to not let Tejo’s dream of marrying Fateh’s come true.

Jasmine visited the Virks and told them about Tejo being alive and Tanya being Tejo’s lookalike shocking them. Fateh got determined to bring Tejo’s lost memories back whereas Jasmine got determined to not let Tejo ruin her happiness this time.

Fateh sought the Sandhus help make Tejo fine before the one month time given by Amma. Sandhus agreed. Tejo got excited on seeing the wedding cards, but soon her excitement turned into rage when she saw Fateh’s name with Jasmine’s on the card. Tejo acted violently and tried to tear up the wedding card. Virks were shocked to witness this. An enraged Jasmine tried to snatch the card from Tejo’s hand.

Fateh tried to calm Tejo down. Tejo pushed him and Fateh got hurt on his forehead. Jasmine scolded Tejo insane. Fateh warned Jasmine to not call Tejo insane again. Tejo felt guilty of hurting Fateh and called herself bad. Fateh calmed her down.

Later Fateh called off his wedding with Jasmine since Tejo is alive which shocked all. Jasmine controlled her anger and pretended to be concerned for Tejo. She said to not force Fateh as he must be in shock after seeing Tejo’s condition. She said to talk about it later. Rupy agreed and suggested postponing the wedding.

Kushbeer agreed with Rupy. Jasmine put up an emotional act in front of Rupy. The latter promised to be on her side and assured that Fateh wouldn’t back off his responsibility towards Amrik’s baby. Jasmine thought of continue with her emotional blackmail to get Fateh.

Meanwhile Gurpreet tried to convince Fateh to marry Jasmine stating about Tejo’s mental instability. However Fateh was ready to accept Tejo as she was and refused to marry Jasmine. Fateh called Tanya. Jasmine had her phone. She rejected his call. Jasmine sent Fateh a message.

She said to not call her hereafter as her work was done and he got Tejo. Fateh thought she was scared to face all so she left. He sent her a message. He thanked her and said that he would be ready to help Tanya when she would need him. Tejo wanted to cook breakfast for Fateh and took a knife to cut potatoes for that. Sandhus got shocked on seeing Tejo with a knife.

They tried to remove it from her hand. Tejo refused to give the knife and started to act violently. Jasmine used this opportunity to prove Tejo is harmful to others. She angered Tejo and the latter chased her scaring all. Fateh came and calmed her down.

In the upcoming week it will be shown that Tejo will get scared to sleep alone in her room and will ask Fateh to sleep there too. Fateh will one end of the dupatta in her hand and he will sit on the chair holding the other end of the dupatta. Tejo will get angry and will sisters are bad on seeing Jasmine. The latter will say that she’s the torn which will be always present in their life.

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