Udaariyaan Weekly Update: Jasmine uses Tanya to get successful in her intention.

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The last viewers saw that Jasmine and Fateh had a talk. Jasmine had a hallucination of reuniting with Fateh. Later Jasmine got shocked discovering that she was pregnant with Amrik’s child. She wondered whom tell about this and decided to talk to Fateh. Jasmine arrived at the Virks for the same. She decided to not enter the house as Gurpreet would get angry on seeing her. Fateh felt bad on seeing Jasmine. He held her hand and took her inside. They stopped here on hearing Gurpreet saying to Tanya that she would never accept Jasmine, who was responsible for Amrik’s death, and Jasmine didn’t have any place in the house. Tanya came to meet Fateh on the pretext of jogging to seek his help to find a solution to get rid off family question about Tanya rejoining the college. Fateh asked why she didn’t ask to Jasmine about it. Tanya said that Jasmine reacted angrily and her behavior changed after returning India. Meanwhile Jasmine felt isolated seeing her family pampering Tejo. Later Sweety informed Fateh that Jasmine seemed inconsolable. Fateh came to Jasmine. He consoled her and assured her that he would stand by her side and would take care of her. Jasmine thought that Fateh would get her rights for her baby’s sake.

Tanya got emotional on seeing the love Rupy showering at her. She cried remembering her childhood and hugged a photo frame which she hid on seeing Jasmine. The latter told Tanya that she’s pregnant, but she didn’t want this child as her child doesn’t have father and Virks family also hates her. She said that she wants Fateh to become her child’s father and her husband shocking Tanya. She asked Tanya to convince the Virks for the same. On knowing Tanya loves kids Jasmine manipulated Tanya to help her. Tanya also agreed to help Jasmine without taking money for her child’s sake.

Tanya and Jasmine visited the Virks. As preplanned they pretended to argue loudly in the kitchen so that Gurpreet could hear them. Tanya insisted Jasmine to tell the truth to the Virks while Jasmine refused to say and requested Tanya to not tell them too. Tanya said that it was wrong to kill the child shocking Gurpreet. The latter stopped Jasmine and questioned her what she was talking with Tanya. Family and Fateh also wanted to know the same. Jasmine revealed that she’s pregnant with Amrik’s child. Family got elated on hearing this. However Jasmine said that she decided to not give birth to this child and his/her is no more shocking all. Gurpreet and all requested Jasmine to keep the child for Amrik’a sake. Jasmine taunted the Virks that they didn’t care about Amrik happiness when he was alive and treated her badly. She put up an emotional act. Gurpreet requested Tanya to stop Jasmine. On seeing Jasmine smiling Tanya realized that Jasmine was acting till now and was playing with all’s emotions. She wondered whether she was doing right by supporting Jasmine. However she decided to take part in her drama for her child’s sake. Tanya assured Jasmine that the family is with her. Jasmine agreed to keep the child, but asked the Virks to promise that they will get her chod his/her father. Virks stayed silent unable to answer. Jasmine said that their silence prove they only care about her child not her. Jasmine ran from there. Biji fainted. Family held her. Gurpreet promised to Biji that she won’t let anything happened to Amrik’s child. Jasmine continued her drama at the Sandhus. She locked herself in leaving her family worried. Satti questioned Tanya what happened. Tanya said that Jasmine should tell her as it’s her private matter. Gurpreet arrived at the Sandhus. She told the Virks about Jasmine’s pregnancy and about her decision of aborting it as the child don’t have father. Tanya supported Jasmine and made Gurpreet understood the importance of a father in a child’s life. Sandus supported Jasmine.

Gurpreet told Fateh that Tejo made her understand that a child need both father and mother. She requested Fateh to marry Tejo so that they could bring up together Amrik’s child. Fateh refused saying that Tejo hadn’t forgotten what happened yet and Jasmine wouldn’t give her child to them. Gurpreet worried that Jasmine could abort her child. Fateh assured her that he would talk to Jasmine. Fateh came to Jasmine to talk. He got furious when Tanya intervened and said that Jasmine told her about their story. Fateh insulted Tanya and said that she doesn’t have any family. Tanya slapped Fateh and left canceling the deal she had with Fateh and Jasmine. The latter got worried that her plan would be flopped without Tanya. Later Jasmine came to Tanya and put on emotional act to convince her to stay back.

In the upcoming week it will be shown that Jasmine will say that Fateh isn’t her love, but her madness, so she will get him any cost. Fateh will say that he is incomplete without Tejo and will ask where she’s. Tejo will be shown in a mental asylum. She will be mentally unstable. She will write Fateh’s name on the wall and will read it.

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