Udaariyaan Weekly Update: Kushbeer gets humiliated because of Fateh and Jasmine.

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The week begins Kushbeer friends praising Jasmine for the pakode she made. Biji reveals that Tejo made that pakode to save Jasmine and the family from humiliation. Fateh consoles a crying Jasmine. Jasmine provokes Fateh against his family and Tejo. Fateh gets angry and confronts his family. He argues with Kushbeer supporting Jasmine which angers Kushbeer. Gurpreet takes Fateh to Jasmine and warns Fateh for raising his voice in front of Kushbeer. She warns Jasmine to not try to create any problem between Fateh and Kushbeer.

Jasmine does again an emotional drama in front of Fateh. She blames Tejo for everything. Fateh isn’t convinced and asks why Tejo would to do like this. Jasmine convinces Fateh that Tejo can’t see them together, she loves Fateh and wants him back. Fateh starts to believe Jasmine’s words. Fateh confronts Tejo about the same. He asks Tejo to admit that she loves him and wants him back, so she’s doing all this. Tejo firmly refuses it. She says that she’s still here to see the consequences of Fateh choosing Jasmine over her.

Fateh gets gifts to surprise Jasmine. Tejo sees this and recalls Fateh doing the same for her and gets sad. Buzzo pays visit to Tejo. Buzzo consoles a heartbroken Tejo by hugging. Fateh and Gurpreet see this and misunderstands them. Fateh shouts at Buzzo and lashes out at Tejo which shocks the family.
Dada ji and Kushbeer question Fateh why he was shouting at Tejo and what the matter is. Gurpreet says that they saw Tejo and Buzzo hugging in the kitchen. Tejo clarifies that it was a misunderstanding and Buzzo was consoling her. Fateh calls it a lie and refuses to believe. He demands Tejo to say the truth. Simran comes there shocking everyone. Gurpreet, Mayi and Amrit get emotional and hug Simran. They all ask Simran when she returned from Canada. Simran reveals that it has been three years that she returned India.

She met Buzzo, who helped her to find a job and an accommodation. She fell in love with Buzzo. She then narrates about how she met Tejo and how Tejo supported her. Simran hides the truth about her son Candy from the family. She clarifies to Fateh that Tejo and Buzzo share a brother-sister relationship and rebukes Fateh to put a disgusting allegation on Tejo.

Kushbeer says Simran to get out. Biji and Tejo tries to convince Kushbeer, but in vain. Later Jasmine lashes out at Tejo, but Fateh shuts her mouth and takes her from there. Fateh realises his mistake and regrets it. Tejo witnesses the same.

Jasmine manipulates Fateh and convinces him for handling academy works in the place of Tejo. Jasmine reaches the academy when Tejo is struggling to open academy lock. Jasmine reveals that she’s going to work with Fateh in the academy hereafter and the decision was made by Fateh and her. Tejo says that they will see if Jasmine is capable for this work.

Jasmine receives the letter from the government and learns that Punjab government decided to honor Fateh for his contribution in sports and an event will he held in the academy. Jasmine gets happy thinking that she will get an opportunity to belittle Tejo. Jasmine informs about the same to the family and says that she started the arrangements for the event. Kushbeer asks Fateh why Jasmine is doing all this when Tejo helps Fateh in the academy works. Fateh reveals that from now on Jasmine will help him in the place of Tejo shocking the family.

The family gets worried that Fateh will take Jasmine as his wife to the event and will spoil their reputation. Kushbeer decides to not attend the event. Gurpreet decides to put forth a condition to Fateh that they won’t attend the event if Jasmine comes there. To everyone’s surprise, Jasmine tells them that she won’t attend Fateh’s event and asks Tejo to go with Fateh. But Tejo refuses. Gurpreet says that Tejo should be with Fateh on his big day.

Later Fateh thanks Jasmine and praises her for acting matured. The morning Fateh struggles to iron his clothes while Jasmine is busy in a phone call. Tejo irons Fateh’s clothes when the latter is taking shower. Fateh comes out and sees this and thanksTejo. Virk family gets ready for the event. Jasmine hides the shawl which is supposed to given to the sports minister to welcome him. Virks reach the venu. Satti gets relieved learning from Tejo that Jasmine didn’t come. However family gets shocked when Jasmine reaches there on the pretext of giving the shawl.

Gurpreet asks Jasmine to leave, but Sweety says that Jasmine needs to sign some papers. Jasmine assures the family to stay behind the stage. Mr and Mr Khurana come to the event. On seeing them Jasmine instructs Sweety to execute their plan. A boy seeks Tejo’s help to find the banner from the storeroom. Tejo agrees. Jasmine locks Tejo up in the storeroom. Tejo tries to find a way to get out. The minister honors Fateh by giving him a trophy.

Fateh’s wife is called to the stage to receive the cash price. Tejo was locked up. Family gets worried where Tejo is. Jasmine intentionally walks in front of Mr. Khurana. The latter says that Jasmine is Fateh’s wife and asks Fateh to take Jasmine to the stage. Fateh takes Jasmine to the stage. Dilraj with the help of a man gets Tejo out. Tejo gets on the stage when the minster is about to honor Jasmine.
The minister questions Kushbeer who Tejo is. Kushbeer says that Tejo is Fateh’s wife. People starts taunting Fateh that he has two wifes and insulting Kushbeer. Tejo runs from there crying. Virks feel ashamed. The minister rebukes Kushbeer for Fateh’s act and leaves.

Kushbeer is upset recalling minister’s words and tells Gurpreet to not show her face to him. Tejo confronts Jasmine about her conspiracy. Jasmine argues with Tejo and asks her to leave Fateh for her. Tejo refuses saying that Jasmine doesn’t deserve Fateh. Jasmine can only love herself as she’s the most selfish girl in the world. Jasmine says that Fateh loves her and Tejo is nothing for him. Tejo says that she is Fateh’s wife whereas Jasmine is the second woman, who doesn’t get respect in the society. Jasmine leaves the place getting angry.

Jasmine broke the mirror and packs her clothes to leave. Fateh asks her what happened. Jasmine says that she has been called as second woman and demands Fateh to give her wife’s status. Fateh assures her that he will do what she wants. Fateh breaks down in front of Gurpreet and asks her to convince Kushbeer that Tejo doesn’t stay in their house.

Gurpreet meets Tejo’s family and requests them to take Tejo back home. Satti agrees, but Rupy refuses as he wants Tejo fights for her rights. Minister says that their party decides to not give MLA seat to Kushbeer in the next election. Fateh’s trophy and cash check get confiscated. Gurpreet scolds Jasmine for everything. Jasmine blames Tejo. Kushbeer comes back home and lashes out at Fateh. Gurpreet requests Tejo to leave the house. Kushbeer says that Tejo will stay here and those who want can leave. Tejo decides to go to college and face people. Jasmine is also doesn’t bother about people’s taunt.

In the upcoming episode it will seen that a group of women will come to Jasmine and will blacken her face. Jasmine will cry. Tejo will look shocked on seeing this.

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