Udaariyaan: Will Alia come to Armaan’s house?

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Colors TV show Udaariyaan is showing how Aasmaa doubts Alia’s intentions seeing Raja filling her hairline but the latter denies of planning this. Will Alia enter Aasmaa’s life again?


In the previous episode, Aasmaa dropped Raja to rehab centre. She noticed Raja shaking hands with someone and wonders who is the lady with Raja. Armaan’s mother comes there and says about transaction being done for shopping saree and jewellery from her card. Aasmaa questions if card is with Raja.

Aasmaa goes to pick up Raja from Rehab centre and gets to know from security that he has already left. Staff from centre inform Aasmaa that Raja left with his friend. Whole family is there at temple and gets shocked seeing Raja putting vermillion in Alia’s hairline.

Alia drops her basket in shock. Armaan scolds Raja and questions what he did. Raja excitedly says that now Alia is his wife.Alia panicks and says this marriage cannot happen. Aasmaa will wonder if she is misjudging Alia.

In the upcoming episode, Raja will get on terrace and denying getting down unless his family brings Alia home. Aasmaa and Armaan will come to Ekam’s house and request to let Alia go with them or else even they don’t know what Raja will end up doing. Will Ekam let Alia go? Is this Alia’s new plan?
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