Udaariyaan: Will Armaan be saved?

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Colors TV show Udaariyaan is currently showing how Alia tried to hurt Aasmaa but Armaan ended up being badly injured while trying to save her. Will he be safe? Will Alia feel guilty of hurting one she loves?


In the previous episode, Aasmaa entered room and questioned Alia why she has not untied Jordan yet. Alia says not to let Jordan escape but Aasmaa does otherwise.
Alia places proof against Jordan in Kabir’s cupboard. Alia cleverly makes candle fall lighting up the whole room on fire.

Both Alia and Jordan wonder if Aasmaa got proofs against either of them. Jordan and Alia rush and stop Aasmaa. The latter says that she already knows that both of them were involved in Kabir’s murder. Ekam tries to stop Armaan but he escapes from jail.

Alia tells Jordan that it was him who wanted to trap Aasmaa and had clicked her photographs too. Jordan tells Alia that Aasmaa is one who truly loves Armaan. Jordan gives proof against Alia to Aasmaa so Alia tries to hit her but Armaan comes in between getting hurt.

In the upcoming episode, Aasmaa will rush Armaan to hospital. Doctor will tell that he has too much blood loss and needs transfusion. Meanwhile, Ekam will get call that Alia has surrendered herself. Aasmaa will wonder what new game Alia is trying to play. To know what’s happening next stay tuned to this space for more.