Udaariyaan: Will Armaan’s plan to expose Alia succeed?

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Colors TV show Udaariyaan currently is showing how Raja ended up marrying Alia and threatens to harm himself if she doesn’t stay with him. While Armaan plans to expose Alia, Raja is still admandant to stay with her forever.


In the previous episode, Raja asked Alia why she is crying seeing her panicking. Even other people around say that they are already married. Raja questions Alia why she is upset but she pushes him away rushes outside the temple. Raja runs behind Alia but again she leaves in auto.

Raja threatens to suicide if they cannot bring Alia there. Aasmaa and Armaan begs Raja to go back but he gets up on railing.
Armaan’s mother requests Ekam to save Raja. Aasmaa also begs for the same.

Alia comes to Armaan’s house and asks Raja to come down. He immediately listens to her. Raja dances happily saying Alia will stay with him forever. Raja seeks blessings from elders with Alia. Aasmaa thinks this is well planned by Alia.

In the upcoming episode, Ekam will deny to let Alia stay with Raja and says he need treatment which angers Armaan’s father. Later, Aasmaa will tell Armaan that they had to keep Alia away from Raja but he talked about marriage registration. Armaan will say that once they go to court, Alia’s true face will get exposed. To know what’s happening next stay tuned to this space for more.