Udaariyaan: Will Jordan confess the truth?

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Colors TV show Udaariyaan is currently showing how Armaan has been arrested by Ekam as he took the blame on himself to save Aasmaa meanwhile Alia and Jordan plan to trap Aasmaa instead. What will happen next?


In the previous episode, Ekam arrested and took Armaan to jail. Ekam permits Aasmaa to meet Armaan in prison. Aasmaa tells Armaan to atleast tell the truth. He says that only truth he knows is he will not let anything happen to her. She tells within 24 hours she will prove him innocent before hearing in the court.

Alia confronts Jordan and questions him why did Armaan go to jail, they had planned to send Aasmaa to jail. Jordan holds Alia and tells they will lay down proof against Aasmaa at Kabir’s house and get her arrested.

Alia picks up some of accessories and watch from Aasmaa’s room and hides when Aasmaa enters there. Aasmaa gets call from someone and she leaves to meet the person. Alia thinks she has to trap Aasmaa anyhow.

In the upcoming episode, Aasmaa will tell Jordan if he cares for life, he will confess the truth. Jordan will be kept tied and red chilli powder will be about to be thrown at him. Jordan will say that he will tell the truth. Will Aasmaa get proof against Jordan? To know what’s happening next stay tuned to this space for more.