Udaariyaan: Will Nehmat say yes to Naaz’s adoption?

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Colors’ popular show Udaariyaan is gearing up for more drama, with Naaz breaking Nehmat’s cycle out of jealousy.

Previously, it was seen that Fateh and Tejo got a new cycle for Naaz. Naaz and Nehmat decided to go cycling. Mallika got jealous of Naaz and Nehmat’s friendship and vented out her anger. Naaz told Fateh about Mallika’s hatred for her and asked Fateh to take back the cycle as she didn’t want to lose Nehmat’s friendship.

Naaz eavesdropped on Shelly and her husband’s heated conversation and was shocked to learn that Nehmat was also Jasmine’s daughter. Naaz got angry that Jasmine left Nehmat to a rich and nice family, while she left Naaz to an evil grandmother and dad.

Meanwhile, Fateh and Tejo discussed Naaz’s insecurity and decided to adopt her to reduce it. They went to talk to Nehmat about the same, but they felt it wasn’t necessary seeing Nehmat already caring for Naaz as her elder sister.

Later, Fateh-Tejo and Nehmat met Naaz and Satti in a park. Naaz’s jealousy increased by seeing Fateh-Tejo and Nehmat eating ice cream together. She angrily broke Nehmat’s cycle.

In the upcoming episode, it will be seen that Fateh will be shocked to discover that Naaz broke Nehmat’s cycle. Later, he will tell Tejo about Naaz’s action and will grow worried that Nehmat will have to suffer because of Naaz’s complexity.

Tejo will assure Fateh to talk to Naaz to find out what’s running in her mind. Later, Nehmat will suggest getting Fateh-Tejo remarried so that she can witness her parents’ marriage. Tejo will refuse. Fateh will make a plan with Nehmat’s help to convince Tejo.

Fateh will surprise Tejo and ask her for marriage. Tejo will agree to marry him again. Nehmat will be grateful to have such sweet parents.

Meanwhile, Naaz will wish to get everything that Nehmat has. Later, Fateh-Tejo will tell Nehmat about their decision to adopt Naaz.

Will Nehmat approve Fateh-Tejo’s decision? What will be the future of Nehmat and Naaz?

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