Udaariyaan: Will Tejo be able to convince the investors and save Fateh?

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Colors popular show Udaariyaan is gearing up for more drama with Jazz reentry in the show.

In the previous episode it was seen that Fateh surrendered himself taking all the blame on him in order to save Tejo. Later Abhiraj informed to Virks about the same which angered Jasmine. She fought with Abhiraj and with Tejo. Gurpreet and Simran requested Tejo to save Fateh, but Kushbeer said that Tejo won’t help Fateh, who removed Tejo from the academy for Jasmine. Jasmine accused Tejo of intentionally sending to the jail. Tejo revealed that Fateh got jailed because of Jasmine, who didn’t check the accounts properly and clear the bills amount. She challenged Jasmine to save Fateh by herself. Jasmine went to meet Fateh in the jail. Dadaji asked the lawyer what’s the solution. The lawyer said that they have to repay one crore fifteen thousand to the investors. Kushbeer decided to mortgage the house, but Tejo said that she will try to convince the investors. Other hand Jasmine spotted police taking Jazz’s mother. She then saw Jazz talking to his mother. Jasmine followed Jazz and find out where he’s leaving. She decided to use Jazz against Tejo.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Tejo will say the family that she’s going to meet the investors and will ask them to pray. Gurpreet will say that she will put bhog when Fateh will return. Tejo will talk to the inverstors in the meeting. Later Tejo will meet Fateh in jail and will give him a file saying that these are investors conditions. Fateh will look shocked reading it.

What will happen ahead in the show? Will Tejo succeed to save Fateh?

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