Udaariyan: Evil Simmy shows her true colours!

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In the latest episode, Simmy is seen keeping an eye on Shampy to unveil her truth. Simmy tries ways to unveil Aasman’s truth but Armaan helps Aasman and doesn’t let that happen. When Rano takes care of her, Simmy insists Asmaan to stay there so that she could unveil her real identity. She also calls Armaan so that Asmaan’s phone rings at the same time. Rano somehow manages the situation and asks Asmaan to leave the spot.

Both Armaan and Asmaan try to confuse Simmy so that she wouldn’t able to identify their own plan. Later, Asmaan shows how she has come to know all the plan of Simmy. Following the route of Simmy, both Armaan and Asmaan reach in specific place which is totally dark. Suddenly they notice Simmy is sitting in the midst of a factory in where they get trapped.

Armaan and Asmaan both ask who is she and what does she want. Simmy bursts out in anger and curses them. She also laughs at their poor condition. Suddenly, she plays a loud sound so that they both feel uneasy and uncomfortable. Both Armaan and Asmaan couldn’t able to bear the loud sound. Though they try to survive in that difficult situation putting hands each other’s ears. They try their best resist the sound. Tearing up the dupatta, Asmaan safeguards their own ears and tries to motivate Asmaan so that he could open his eyes.

Later as Simmy tries to escape Armaan’s place, the entire family tries to stop her with their weapons but they fail to stop her and Simmy makes them their hostages. She again reaches goes back to the place where Armaan and Aasman are kept. What would happen to Armaan and Aasman next? Wouod Armaan’s family believe in Aasman this time? Would Simmy be caught? To know the answers to these questions keep watching Udaariyan and stay tuned for more updates.