Udaariyan: Fateh to get furious at Tejo!

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Colors Tv’s show Udaariyan is loved by Many audience because of its Unique story line. After Tejo and Fateh got married because of their parent’s requests Fateh and Tejo gets into an argument also Jasmine blames Tejo for coming inbetween her and Fateh.

Now it will be interesting to see whether the once two best friends Fateh and Tejo will try to be friends with each other and think about giving a chance to their married life or this marriage will destroy their friendship altogether!

In the current track it shown that Fateh realises that he is dreaming about Jasmine. Tejo comes and sits nearby Fateh. Jasmine comes there and acts nonchalantly. Fateh gets hurt seeing Jasmine’s behaviour.

Rupi ask Jasmine to behave properly to which Jasmine mockingly calls Fateh Jiju then leaves the room talking to her friend on the call. Fateh excuses himself from everyone then go to the other room where he saw Jasmine is all happy then Jasmine asks Fateh to ask anything saying she is willing to help because she is now his sister in law.

Fateh waits for Tejo so that they can leave the house as soon as possible. Tejo in her wishes to be in her house. Jasmine comes there and says to Tejo that she wish if Rupi could have told everything before then Tejo doesn’t have to go through all this. Tejo asks about what about Fateh’s life whose life also destroyed by Jasmine.

Jasmine mocks Tejo for supporting her husband Fateh. Rupi apologises to Fateh but Fateh says that because of him and Jasmine only both his and Tejo’s life has been ruined then leaves. Fateh comes to his house and punches his punching bag recalling Jasmine’s behaviour also the moments he shared with Jasmine before their marriage then cries.

Tejo recalls how Jasmine blamed her for marrying Fateh then cries. During their argument Fateh comes there. Tejo leaves the room. Jasmine looks at Fateh then looks away from him.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Gurpreet will ask Tejo to get ready for Mata Rani pooja. Tejo will say to Gurpreet that she don’t have any clothes. Gurpreet will give a saree to Tejo.

Tejo will get ready for the pooja. Fateh will get furious seeing Tejo in the saree. Fateh will throw water at Tejo infront of everyone. Everyone will get shocked. Tejo will look at Fateh.

Fateh will say that this saree is for Jasmine. Jasmine will put whatever the things given to her by Fateh in fire. Jasmine will decide to move on her life.

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