Udaariyan: Fateh to hurt Tejo?

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Colors Tv’s newly launched show Udaariyan is loved by many audience because of its Unique story line. Now that even after everyone literally plead Jasmine she refuses to marry Fateh which lead Tejo and Fateh to tie knot after their family members request. Now it will be interesting to see the changes of Fateh Tejo and Jasmine’s life.

In the current track it shown that Fateh dreams that Jasmine agreed to the marriage only to realise what actually happening in the surrounding which makes him angry so he asks Pandit Ji to do all the rituals as soon as possible.

Fateh vows to protect Tejo and fulfill his responsibilities as a husband. They both make each other wear garland then take pheras. Fateh fills Tejo’s hairline with vermilion then make her wear mangalsutra.

Later while Fateh and Tejo takes blessings from elders, Fateh gets irked when Rupi asks him to take care of Tejo so he leaves Tejo alone inside the venue. Rupi tells Tejo that she made the girls in the country proud of what she did for him. Tejo does the ritual to go to Veer’s house.

Jasmine and Fateh looks at each other but before Tejo sees Jasmine she goes inside. Jasmine recalls whatever happened then shouts. Fateh and Tejo leaves to the Veer’s. Jasmine decides to see Tejo before she leaves the house but fails.

Fateh and Tejo comes to the Veer’s house then gets shocked seeing the welcome arrangement for Fateh and Tejo. Fateh goes to his room only find all the decorations and the walls filled with Jasmine’s picture.

Jasmine in her room hugs her and Tejo’s photo frame and cries. Tejo looks down wards outside the Veer’s house with tear filled eyes.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Tejo will give water to Fateh. Fateh will throw the glass. Fateh will throw his things here and there.

Tejo will forward her hand to make wear Fateh a ring as a part of ritual. Fateh will stand up and destroy the ritual preparations. Fateh will ask Tejo why she didn’t make Jasmine understand even after she knows how much he loves Jasmine. Tejo will warn Fateh.

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