Udaariyan: Fateh to pray god to help him find Tejo!

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Colors Tv’s newly launched show Udaariyan is loved by many audience because of its Unique story line. Now after Fateh and Tejo’s marriage Tejo has gone through so much in Fateh’s house especiall Fateh made her feel low.

Jasmine also accused Tejo. So Tejo decide to not to let tolerate all this anymore. Now it will be interesting to see how Fateh is going to find Tejo? What will Tejo tell her family and Fateh for disappearing like that without informing anyone?

In the current track it shown that Sandhu’s worries about Tejo’s whereabouts. Satti thinks Tejo may harmed herself but Rupi refuses saying that Tejo is brave a girl. Gurpreet taunts Satti for her upbringing.

Nimmu joins Gurpreet. Mahi asks them what’s their problem with Tejo. Biji also tells that’s because their behaviour only Tejo took this decision. Fateh warns Nimmu then says to everyone that Tejo must be went to any of her friends house.

Through Navrajl, Tejo’s family members gets to know about Tejo and Jasmine’s fight. Rupi gets angry but Abhiraj stops him saying that they have to find Tejo first. Sukhmini asks Abhiraj to go to the Veer’s house. Sandhu’s worries may be Tejo might be with an accident. Fateh gets shocked after hearing Abhiraj words so he goes to find Tejo.

Abhiraj asks Fateh did he harmed Tejo. Fateh asks Abhiraj to trust him saying that Tejo is his bestfriend and he wont never do such things. Jasmine comes and asks what happened. Satti calls Jasmine a fool and shameless girl. Jasmine says to her family members that she is not regretting for the words she used against Tejo because whatever she said to Tejo is true.

Abhiraj tells Fateh about Jasmine and Tejo’s argument. Fateh gets furious and goes to confront Jasmine. Jasmine tells Fateh that Tejo planned all this because she liked him. Fateh warns and shows how much he is disappointed with Jasmine’s way of thinking.

Jasmine gets angry at Fateh for choosing Tejo’s side. Fateh promises Rupi and family that he will find Tejo at any cost. Jasmine goes to her room then cries recalling Tejo and Fateh’s words. Jasmine then kisses Tejo’s photi then cries hugging the picture.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Fateh will tell dont know where Tejo is. Fateh will say that her phone is also not reachable. Fateh will ask God to help him. Khushbeer will go to the temple.

Khushbeer will hear few ladies asking a girl to stop being hard on herself. One lady will tell the other one don’t know who this girl is. A girl will be seen cleaning a vessel. Khushbeer will approach the person.

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