Udaariyan: Gurpreet to learn about Fateh and Jasmine’s secret relationship?

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Colors Tv’s newly launched show Udaariyan is loved by many audience because of its unique story line. Tejo shares her happiness with Fateh and Jasmine for both of their decisions to move on in their lives unaware about their plan to maintain their relationship secretively. Now it will be interesting to see what will be the reaction of Tejo when she learns the truth about Fateh and Jasmine? Will Tejo leave Fateh for the lies? Will Fateh comes to his senses and let go of Jasmine?

In the current track it shown that Jasmine lies to Tejo that she planned to go to Chandigarh for shopping with Sweety but due to some emergency Sweety cancelled the plan so Tejo tells Jasmine that she will go with her saying Fateh is also in Chandigarh so she will meet him also.
Fateh calls Jasmine but she hides the mobile from Tejo but then Tejo decides to look at Jasmine’s engagement pictures but she didn’t notice Fateh’s message on Jasmine’s mobile. Jasmine sends a message to Fateh that Tejo is coming with her which upsets Fateh.

Jasmine then makes an excuse and goes to talk to Fateh but Tejo calls Fateh first and tells him that she is coming to Chandigarh also tells him that they both can spend some time but Fateh refuses then tells Jasmine that he is going back to their village but Jasmine stays stubborn so Fateh goes to Chandigarh to meet Jasmine.

Jasmine asks Tejo to not to worry Fateh will surely meet her when Tejo tells Fateh’s strange behavior. Fateh then gives a boquet to Tejo which he bought for Jasmine then tells its Jasmine who helped him get to know about her location.

Tejo praises Jasmine for being mature then they all have their favorite shakes together. Sandhu’s plans to ask Fateh’s opinion about Jasmine’s every part of the wedding but Saurabh asks them to think how he must feels. Rupi tells that Fateh has moved on in his life with Tejo so they dont have to worry.

Jasmine tells Tejo that both she and Fateh moved on in their life. Later Jasmine makes an excuse to go and meet Fateh. Fateh tells Jasmine that he feels bad for Tejo but Jasmine asks Fateh to not to worry about Tejo saying let her think that they both have moved on.

Tejo buys a night dress thinking about her moments with Fateh and refuses to show Jasmine her dress when she returns. Jasmine once again makes an excuse to buy a t shirt for Gippi and takes Fateh to the men’s fitting room where she tells Fateh that she will do something to stop the wedding the same way she stopped the engagement but Fateh warns her not to take any drastic step saying that he dont want to loose her again then they both hugs each other. Tejo comes looking for Jasmine then sees inside the fitting room which door is half opened and gets shocked.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Fateh will say a Shayari for Jasmine. Jasmine will praise Fateh. Tejo will say to Khushbeer and the family members that Fateh is working so hard for the academy to bring the best result.
She will say to everyone that she will go and bring Fateh for dinner. Jasmine will say to Fateh she love him so much. Fateh will say to Jasmine I Love You. Tejo will come to the terrace then get shocked seeing Fateh.

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