Udaariyan: Haniya seems to be liking Sarab!

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Colors show Udaariyan has started with a new story that revolves around Meher and Haniya this time.

In the latest episode, Haniya and Meher are seen as grown ups now. Meher runs a factory and has become an angry woman who’s become like Armaan who was very particular about his work. She hates her father since he left them long back for some reason and hasn’t come back yet.

Haniya on the other hand is a sweet girl who has become just like her mother Aasman. She believes in love stories and wants to fall in love with a man and have a relationship just like her parents. Both the sisters are opposite to each other but love each other.

Another guy Sarab is seen who seems to be a good man. He is seen giving his mother a bike ride to the Gurudwara. Aasmaan still makes prashad and distributes it at the Gurudwara every year for Armaan. Meher asks Aasman why she keeps on praying for the man who left her and his family alone.

Aasman says that Armaan is her father and she is not supposed to speak of him like this. Meher says for her she is everything and not the man who left them all alone. Haniya sees Sarab carrying his mother in his arms to the Gurudwara and smiles. They are all seen praying to Babaji at the Gurudwara.

After leaving the Gurudwara, Meher finds Sarab’s bike parked in the wrong space. She hits his bike with her car and leaves with Haniya. Aasman orders Meher to get ready and reach Minti’s wedding with Haniya although she doesn’t feel like attending the wedding at all.

They get stuck behind a long crowd dancing for the groom’s arrival. Sarab is seen dancing amongst the crowd. Meher gets out of the car being annoyed and breaks a glass bottle, shocking everyone.

Will Meher and Sarab have a fight? Will Haniya be able to stop Meher and Sarab’s fight? To know what happens next, keep watching Udaariyan.