Udaariyan: How will Tejo make Jasmine and Fateh understand she is innocent?

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Colors Tv’s newly launched show Udaariyan after Fateh and Tejo gets married to save their family’s reputation each day there is one or another problem arises which creates a lots of misunderstandings between the once two best friends Fateh and Tejo.

Now it will be interesting to see how Tejo and Fateh is going to put their differences aside and move on in their life accepting the marriage.

In the current track it shown that Veer’s neighbor’s comes to meet Tejo as a part of ritual. Biji asks Tejo to make them coffee. The neighbor ladies passes some comments at Tejo for her marriage with Jass.

Gurpreet defends Tejo. Amrik meets Jasmine and supports her for her decision also blames Fateh for hiding the truth from her. Jasmine gets happy but doesn’t stop Amrik from talking against Tejo. Biji asks Tejo to make halwa as a part of the ritual.

Nimmu instigates Gurpreet against Tejo for how Satti accused Fateh for using Jasmine’s innocence on his favour. Jasmine asks Rupi to have dinner but Rupi blames Jasmine for Tejo’s marriage. Jasmine tells Rupi its not her its him who emotionally blackmailed Tejo then asks him not to blame her for others mistake.

Fateh and Tejo gets into an argument when Fateh scolds Tejo for changing his things. Later through Tejo Fateh gets to know that before the marriage Tejo knows everything so asks her why she didn’t told anything about Rupi’s lies.

On the other side Rupi tells Jasmine that if he listened to Tejo’s words that day then they wouldn’t have gone through this all. Jasmine gets shocked then goes to her room and throws her and Tejo’s photo frame and shouts why Tejo hide this from her.

Fateh tells Tejo that it’s her fault because of that all three of their lives has been ruined. Tejo says to God that he knows very well how much she loves Jasmine so she would never do things that will hurt Jasmine then cries.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Fateh will tell Tejo it’s her mistake that his life has been ruined. Tejo will get hurt. Tejo and Jasmine will meet.

Jasmine will accuse Tejo saying that Tejo is never get someone in her life who loved her truly so she intentionally hide the truth then married to Fateh. Tejo will raise her hand at Jasmine. Jasmine will hold Tejo’s hand.

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