Udaariyan: Jasmine and Tejo to get into an argument!

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Colors Tv’s newly launched show Udaariyan is loved by Many audience because of its unique story line. Now that Tejo and Fateh got married and Tejo warned Fateh to not to blame her for Jasmine’s and accuses Fateh and Jasmine for destroying her life and dreams it will be interesting to see how the relationship between Fateh and Tejo is going to change also Tejo and Jasmine.

In the current track it shown that Fateh imagines Jasmine while doing the rituals then leaves the place angrily when Nimmu asks Fateh and Tejo to exchange the rings. The next morning Fateh hears Tejo talking to her father about the ritual, first he decides not to go to Tejo’s house then he thinks that he may get a chance to meet Jasmine who must be realised her mistake of calling off their wedding.

Nimmu says to Gurpreet for this ritual both Tejo and Fateh has to go. Gurpreet refuses to send Fateh to Tejo’s house and asks Amrik to drop Tejo in her house but Amrik refuses to go.

Fateh comes there and says that he is going to the Sandhu’s house for ritual. Sukhmini says that Fateh will take care of Tejo. Harman says it will be good for everyone if Jasmine doesn’t come infront of Fateh. Dilraj informs that Fateh and Tejo arrived to the house. Fateh leaves Tejo inside the car and looks for Jasmine seeing this Tejo gets sad.

Fateh walks away from everyone after Satti does the aarti to search for Jasmine which makes everyone in the family uncomfortable. Later Rupi asks Tejo how she is doing to which Tejo says for her, her family members happiness is her top most priority if they are happy then she will be happy also.

Tejo further says that they have to forget about whatever happened and move on in their life. Satti and Sukhmini talks to Fateh but he ignores them and searches for Jasmine.

Fateh then excuses himself and enters the room where he sees Jasmine. Jasmine hugs Fateh and apologises to him then says that she loves him the most. Fateh also hugs Jasmine then they both cries.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Tejo’s and Jasmine’s photo frame will fall to the ground and it will broke into pieces. Tejo will accuse Jasmine saying because of Fateh and Jasmine only her life and her dreams are destroyed.

Jasmine will say to Tejo that she is the one who come In between her and Fateh. Fateh will come to Jasmine’s room. Jasmine will say to Fateh that if he wants anything he can ask her and she will do it because now she is his sister in law. Fateh will look at Jasmine.

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