Udaariyan: Jasmine to harm herself to stop her engagement with Gippi!

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Colors Tv’s newly launched show Udaariyan is loved by many audience because of its unique story line. Fateh is in dilemma whether to believe Jasmine or not after Jasmine burns her passport saying it’s the proof her love for him is true. Now it will be interesting to see what’s going to happen next in Tejo Fateh and Jasmine’s life. Will Tejo gets to know about Fateh’s dilemma? What will Jasmine do to stop her engagement with Gippi?

In the previous episode we had seen that Tejo thanked Fateh for the night out but Fateh feels detached holding the locket in his hand. Amrik praised Jasmine then take her to her house. Seeing Tejo happy both Nimmu and Gurpreet gets confused.
Tejo informed Jasmine that she and Fateh returned so Jasmine decide to meet Fateh but Satti stopped her saying Gippi’s parents were on their way to see her. Khushbeer praised Tejo and told her he is proud of her for everything she has done for their family.

Without anyone’s knowledge Jasmine goes to meet Fateh. Fateh told Buzo how he doesn’t feel anything special for Tejo but Jasmine. Fateh warned Jasmine when she tried to talk to him. Jasmine informed Fateh that before it’s too late he has to chose his love or else she will become Gippi’s. Tejo decided to have lunch with Fateh like how she used to but then get shocked when she saw Jasmine in Fateh’s academy.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Tejo will question Jasmine when she see her in the academy but Jasmine will lie to Tejo that she comes to meet her here then she will go to see Fateh. Fateh will get frustrated thinking both Tejo and Jasmine’s words.
Saurabh will fail to prove Jasmine’s intention to Satti which will lead Satti to get upset with Saurabh. Jasmine will stop Fateh in mid way and tell him that she will not live without him also she will burn her passport infront of Fateh to prove that her priority is him.

Fateh will get shocked seeing Jasmine’s this decision so he will get confused thinking whatever happened before and now. Saurabh will inform Jasmine about her engagement and marriage which is going to take place within seven days. Jasmine will fail to convince her parents and Gippi’s parents to postpone her engagement and wedding.

Tejo will say to Fateh about Jasmine’s wedding he will get shocked then he will refuse to attend Jasmine’s engagement. Tejo will wonder is Fateh is upset then thinks to herself that Fateh has moved on so no need to worry.

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