Udaariyan: Jasmine to insult Gippi and his family?

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Colors Tv’s newly launched show Udaariyan is loved by many audience because of its unique story line. Now after spending a night with Tejo, Fateh feels restless thinking that he betrayed Tejo and thinking about Jasmine always. Now it will be interesting to see what will Tejo do when she learns about Jasmine’s intentions also Fateh is still struggling to forget Jasmine. Will Fateh able to tell Tejo his feeling for Jasmine still exists.

In the previous episode Jasmine searched for Fateh and Tejo but failed to find them. Fateh and Tejo decided to stay the night at the house which is not used for many days. Fateh called Tejo beautiful after she changed into her new clothes.
Tejo also complimented Fateh’s shirtless look. Tejo and Fateh read a romantic poem from Tejo’s favorite author’s book and spend quality time together then the curtains caught fire which lead Fateh to stop the fire from spreading the whole house.

Then Tejo and Fateh spends a romantic night together. The next day Amrik apologised to Jasmine for not letting her search for Fateh and Tejo then told her that Fateh was there to take care of Tejo so asked her not to worry. Tejo wrote FaTejo in the mirror with a huge smile on her face. She asked Fateh to get ready.

Fateh then found the locket and remembered how he gave the locket to Jasmine and promised her to be with her forever no matter what. He then realised what he done and gets sad.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Fateh will get sad seeing the locket. Jasmine will say to Amrik that she is worried about Fateh and Tejo’s whereabouts. Amrik will praise Jasmine for being too good for the people who insulted her too.
Fateh will apologise to Tejo for ruining the night but Tejo will thank Fateh saying it’s the best night she had. Tejo will happily get ready seeing her happy face Gurpreet and Nimmu will get confused. Tejo will call Jasmine and tell her that she is returned to the house.

Jasmine will think that nothing happened between Tejo and Fateh and still Fateh has feelings for her so she get ready to meet Fateh. Satti will stop Jasmine from leaving the house because Gippi’s family members are coming over to fix Gippi and Jasmine’s marriage date.

Saurabh will smile at Jasmine which makes Jasmine furious. Tejo will wonder Fateh will miss her the way she is missing him now or not. Fateh will say to Buzo that he is not feeling anything for Tejo which make him feel like that he is betraying Tejo.

Jasmine will go to meet Fateh in his academy and inform him about Gippi’s parents are coming over to fix the marriage date. Fateh will ask Jasmine to not to follow him also Keep it in her kind about what kind of relationship they share now. Jasmine will follow Fateh.

Tejo will come to the academy to have lunch with Fateh. Tejo will see Jasmine and question her what is she doing her. Jasmine will get shocked.

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