Udaariyan: Shehnaz checks Aasman!

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Udaariyaan is going to be more entertaining in the upcoming days as Armaan and Assman would try to escape Shehnaz’s place.


In the latest episode, Armaan gets caught by Shehnaz’s goons. She instructs them to kill him. Mirtazim arrives and asks her to let him go since he saved his life once. Later Murtazim gives Noor an expensive bangle as a sign of love and respect for her. Shabana asks if she has anything to give him in return. Noor says that she would make a special kheer for him. Murtazim gets excited listening to this and waits for the kheer. Armaan feels jealous to see all this since he can’t see Aasman with anyone else. Since he has no other option but to be silent, he keeps his mouth shut.

Shehnaz and Shabnab both find something fishy in the behaviour of Asmaan. Shabnam is asked to keep an eye on Asmaan in the kitchen so that she isn’t able to poison the food. Asmaan tactfully removes Wahida the house help from the kitchen, so that she could mix poison in the kheer. Opening the venomous bottle, she pours the liquid in the food. Meanwhile, Shehnaz comes into the kitchen to check the cooking style of Asmaan. She instructs Asmaan to prepare the Kheer first.

At the lunch table, Murtazim asks Noor to serve the kheer first. She worriedly serves the kheer but Shehnaz asks her to taste it first. Immediately, Aamaan mixes a dead lizard in the main bowl but Shehnaz insists Asmaan to have the kheer first. Arman gets tensed seeing Asmaan on the verge of death. But again Asmaan shows a positive sign to him and tastes the kheer. Actually, she prepared two kinds of Kheer.

In the upcoming episode, Armaan and Aasman would be seen trying to run away from Shehnaz’s place. Would they succeed in their plan? To know what happens next, keep watching Udaariyan.