Udaariyan: Tejo to encourage Fateh!

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Colors Tv’s newly launched show Udaariyan is loved by many audience because of its unique story line. Now Fateh isnt pleaded when Tejo goes behind him and promises Khushbeer that he will participate in the boxing match. Other side Jasmine gets happy that Gippi has Canadian citizenship. Now it will be interesting to see what happens next.

In the current track it shown that Fateh asks Tejo why she interfered in his matter even after they both agreed not to. Tejo tells Fateh that he has no other options but to move on like Jasmine who moved on and tells that because of his this decision he is making Khushbeer upset.

Fateh tells that everyone is thinking about others pain but no one cares about his and tells Tejo that he will participate in that match only to show her and Khushbeer how does pain feels and leaves the place. Jasmine asks Gippi why he is late for their date to which Gippi tells that he was actually talking to his friends on a video call who all are in Canada.

Jasmine asks Gippi do he have Canadian citizenship and gets happy when Gippi tells her yes. Fateh gets angry seeing social media post of Jasmine Jasmine asks Tejo did she know that Jasmine went to her uncle’s house to arrange for her marriage. Tejo tells Fateh that she know about this today Only.

Khushbeer sees Fateh is leaving the house angrily. Tejo tells Khushbeer may be they are wrong about making Fateh to move on by this. Gurpreet comes there and accuses Tejo for not letting her son live a peaceful life and warns both Khushbeer and Tejo if anything happens she won’t spare them.

Khushbeer asks Tejo to not to worry saying whatever they are doing is for Fateh only. Amrik tells Tejo that Fateh was not at all prepared and it’s her biggest mistake that she is forcing Fateh to participate in the match. Fateh comes to the house late night and tells Tejo that he is trying to forget Jasmine but she cant able to.

Jasmine waits Fateh to like her social media post with Gippi. Tejo tells Fateh that Jasmine planned to meet the guy again. Fateh gets sad. Tejo gives Fateh his mobile and tells him to call Jasmine saying she wont mind. Fateh looks at Jasmine’s contact in his mobile. Tejo looks away.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Fateh will enter the boxing ring. Jasmine will get shocked seeing Fateh’s appearance in the match. Fateh’s opponent will beat him.

Tejo will encourage Fateh to not to give up. Everyone in the stadium will cheer for Fateh with Tejo. Jasmine will come to the stadium and look at Fateh. Fateh will hold his hand up.

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