Udaariyan: Tejo to get upset with Fateh?

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Colors Tv’s newly launched show Udaariyan is loved by many audience because of its unique story line. Now Fateh breaks down infront of Tejo which makes Tejo sad. Later Fateh and Tejo spends some time together. On the other hand Rupi decides to send Jasmine to his uncle’s house. Now it will be interesting to see what happens next.

In the current track it shown that Satti and Sukhmini tells Rupi what they have witnessed in their Fateh’s house. Rupi tells them that they have to do something to Jasmine so that Fateh and Tejo will accept each other.

In the morning Fateh thinks that he didnt messed up much because of that only Tejo put his shirt on the bed. Tejo gives Fateh lemonade and asks him to have food. Jasmine tells her family members that they cant punish her for their mistakes and says that she wont go to her uncle’s house.

Tejo scolds Fateh for not using the wiper after he freshen up. Fateh makes crude remarks at Tejo’s tea which makes Tejo angry so she takes the food from Fateh and asks him to make his own food. Fateh orders food from Dhaba meantime Tejo teases Fateh by having food infront of him.

Jasmine tells Preeto that no one is understanding that Fateh loves her Only so he will never accept Tejo as his wife because she had seen the love for her in his eyes. Preeto tries to make Jasmine understand but Jasmine doesnt understand then calls Fateh only to prove her point. Fateh plays video games.

Tejo makes fun of him. Then they both plays together. Tejo wins the first around but Fateh tells that they have to play another round. Tejo then sees Jasmine is calling Fateh. Fateh sees Jasmine’s call then switches off his mobile and asks Tejo to play another round of video games.

Preeto tells Jasmine it proves that Fateh has moved on but Jasmine tells no he is just upset with her but when he gets to know about her parent’s decision he will be there to stop her from leaving. Fateh sees Jasmine’s message in which Jasmine asks him to come to meet her on the Kulfi shop before she leaves the village.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Tejo will read Jasmine’s message on Fateh’s mobile. Tejo will think why Jasmine is sending this message to Fateh. Fateh will leave the house. Tejo will think Fateh must be going to meet Jasmine.

Jasmine will say to Preeto that Fateh will definitely comes to meet his Jasmine. Jasmine will see Fateh’s jeep then gets happy. Jasmine will say to Preeto that she told her already that Fateh will never ignore her and here he is coming to meet her.

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