Udaariyan Weekly Update: Fateh and Jasmine reunites.

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This week Udaariyan episode starts with Jasmine goes outside and joins the crowd who chants mantras. Fateh goes outside for jogging where he meets Jasmine and accuses her for leaving his side. Jasmine hugs and tells Fateh that she cant live without him so asks him to decide because he dont have time except today.

She also pleads Fateh to take her away from here. Fateh tries himself not to hug Jasmine back then he sees Tejo who searches for him when she sees him Fateh makes excuse and asks her to go to the house. The next day Saurabh asks Satti that Jasmine wont do anything stupid right to which Satti tells nothing such will happen.

Gippi comes with his family to Jasmines house for the engagement. Sweety asks Jasmine if she dont want to get married then why she agreed also asks her to think about Tejo. Jasmine tells she wont care about anyone also she tells that she has a feeling Fateh will come then she runs downstairs thinking Fateh arrived when she hears Dilraj shouts that Tejo is here.

Tejo and Veer’s come to Jasmine’s engagement. Tejo tells Gippi that Fateh will attend the wedding for sure then goes and brings Jasmine to the stage. Gippi tells her about their honeymoon plans and asks her to give the passport. She thinks how she burnt then makes an excuse that she needs to change her dupatta.

Rupi hears Saurabh’s conversation with Satti and worries that Jasmine may create problems in this engagement. Tejo and everyone dances happily. Jasmine decides to run away but gets happy when she hears Fateh’s voice so she runs out of the room happily to see Fateh. Tejo also gets surprised and happy seeing Fateh there. Then everyone dances together.

Jasmine signs Fateh to follow her who obliges and goes behind her. Jasmine tells Fateh that she was worried that he wont show up so she decides to run away. Fateh tells Jasmine that her love won and confesses that he still loves her. Fateh and Jasmine hugs eachother and cries.

Jasmine tells Fateh that she realised her love for him after she left him only now she dont care about anyone all she want is to be his wife. Fateh tells Jasmine that he loves her and he cant love anyone except her in this life time then they both make a ring in Jasmine’s dupatta and then ties around each others finger.
Saurabh searches for both Fateh and Jasmine. Fateh and Jasmine hides from her then when they both gets closer Fateh recalls his intimate moments with Tejo then makes a distance from Jasmine. Jasmine tells Fateh that now he is with her she will show everyone what she is capable of.

Saurabh asks Jasmine to not even think about canceling her engagement with Gippi but Jasmine laughs at her saying she is going to see everything but she wont able to do anything neither she can able to expose her plans and goes inside the house. Fateh wonders whatever he doing is right or wrong.

Tejo thanks Fateh for attending Jasmine’s engagement. Saurabh tries to Jasmine from cutting her finger but she cuts and screams the falls to the ground unconsciously. Everyone gets shocked and worried. Fateh takes Jasmine from Gippi’s arms and takes her to the hospital.
Tejo and Gippi follows Fateh and Jasmine. Gippi’s parents tells Satti that once Jasmine recovers fully they will plan for the engagement. Sandhu’s gets shocked that the engagement is cancelled.

Jasmine assures Fateh that she is fine then Tejo takes Fateh out of the hospital room when the doctor asks to stay only one person then thanks Fateh for helping Jasmine to reach the hospital on time. Fateh apologises to both Tejo and Gippi but they both thanks him. Jasmine then signs Fateh that she is fine when Tejo and Gippi is not noticing her.

Saurabh tells Satti and Rupi that she saw while Jasmine is cutting her finger but Satti tells Saurabh that her daughter will never do such things and she is accusing Jasmine for no reasons.
Saurabh asks Rupi and Satti to believe her because she is also wishing and thinking about the family members well being only. Rupi and Satti gets shocked. Fateh gets relieved after Jasmine signs at him that she is fine then they both shares a secretive smile.

Sandhu’s gets happy when Gippi’s parents agree to held Gippi and Jasmine’s engagement and wedding on a same day but Saurabh gets worried thinking about Jasmine’s words also the way she cut her finger to stop the engagement. Jasmine and Fateh talks to each other on the video call. Fateh scolds Jasmine for cutting her finger but Jasmine tells that she will even cut her head to be with him too.

Fateh decides to talk to Jasmine next day saying that he dont want Tejo to caught them so Jasmine asks Fateh to meet her outside their village for lunch tomorrow. Fateh agrees which makes Jasmine happy then they both goes to sleep. The next day Jasmine comes to have breakfast with everyone where she mocks at Saurabh through signs who gets irritated.
Fateh also sits with his family member’s for breakfast. He receives s message from Jasmine who send him her picture but Fateh cant able to reply because Tejo is there. Jasmine then calls Fateh but by mistake Fateh attends the call.

Tejo asks Fateh that he do remember about their lunch plans right to which Fateh tells that he will be in the academy asusual. Tejo tells Fateh that she knows he Forget then informs him that they have to meet her colleagues and have lunch with them. Fateh agrees with the plans which makes Jasmine angry.

Fateh sees Jasmine is on the line so he lies and goes to talk to Jasmine who asks Fateh to cancel his Lunch plan with Tejo right away saying he has an important work in Chandigarh but Fateh promises to meet Jasmine also cancels his plans with Tejo. Jasmine gets happy and tells Fateh that she cant wait to meet him.
Saurabh decides to expose Jasmine’s lies when Satti and her hears that Jasmine tells them that she is going to Gippi with shopping but when Saurabh calls Gippi and asks him is he the one who invited Jasmine Gippi says yes which shocks Saurabh. Jasmine smiles at Saurabh and leaves the place.

Fateh calls Tejo and apologises to her saying that he needs to go to Chandigarh to meet the minister for the work which is related to academy. Tejo wishes Fateh best of luck and then tells him they can go to the lunch someother day. Fateh feels sad for lying to Tejo.

Jasmine’s cab gets stuck and when she comes out to ask the driver how long it will take him to start the car she saw Tejo so she gets scared and hides. Tejo gets shocked seeing Jasmine in the cab, she asks her why she is hiding and how is she also where is she going.
Jasmine tells that she is fine but before she lies her cab driver tells the other cab driver that he is going to Chandigarh. Tejo asks Jasmine why she is going to Chandigarh.

Jasmine lies to Tejo that she planned to go to Chandigarh for shopping with Sweety but due to some emergency Sweety cancelled the plan so Tejo tells Jasmine that she will go with her saying Fateh is also in Chandigarh so she will meet him also. Fateh calls Jasmine but she hides the mobile from Tejo but then Tejo decides to look at Jasmine’s engagement pictures but she fails to notice Fateh’s message on Jasmine’s mobile.

Jasmine sends a message to Fateh that Tejo is coming with her which upsets Fateh. Jasmine then makes an excuse and goes to talk to Fateh but Tejo calls Fateh first and tells him that she is coming to Chandigarh also tells him that they both can spend some time but Fateh refuses saying he has so much work.

Fateh tells Jasmine that he is going back to their village but Jasmine stays stubborn so Fateh goes to Chandigarh to meet Jasmine. Jasmine asks Tejo to not to worry Fateh will surely meet her when Tejo tells Fateh’s strange behavior. Fateh then gives a boquet to Tejo which he bought for Jasmine then tells its Jasmine who helped him get to know about her location.

Tejo praises Jasmine for being mature then they all have their favorite shakes together. Sandhu’s plans to ask Fateh’s opinion about Jasmine’s every part of the wedding but Saurabh asks them to think how he must feels. Rupi tells that Fateh has moved on in his life with Tejo so they dont have to worry. Jasmine tells Tejo that both she and Fateh moved on in their life. Later Jasmine makes an excuse to go and meet Fateh.

Fateh tells Jasmine that whatever they are doing with Tejo is not right also he feels bad for Tejo but Jasmine asks Fateh to not to worry about Tejo saying let her think that they both have moved on. Tejo buys a night dress thinking about her moments with Fateh and refuses to show Jasmine her dress when she returns.
Jasmine once again makes an excuse to buy a t shirt for Gippi and takes Fateh to the men’s fitting room where she tells Fateh that she will do something to stop the wedding the same way she stopped the engagement but Fateh warns her not to take any drastic step saying that he dont want to loose her again then they both hugs each other.

Tejo comes looking for Jasmine then sees inside the fitting room which door is half opened and gets shocked. She opens the fitting room then scolds herself for thinking stupid things when she see someother couple inside the room. Jasmine request both Fateh and Tejo to let her sit in the passenger seat but Fateh refuses saying Tejo is his wife so she has to sit in the passenger seat which makes Jasmine angry.

Jasmine asks Tejo to select her wedding card saying she is good at selecting the best. Fateh praises Jasmine’s beauty through a Shayari when they both talk to each other on the video call. Tejo tells Rupi that Fateh is busy then she goes to meet Fateh in the terrace. Fateh gets relieved when he gets to know that Tejo didn’t hear his love confession for Jasmine then he agrees to Rupi’s request to take care of all the wedding arrangements of Gippi and Jasmine.
Tejo thanks Fateh then she leaves the terrace to clean their room. Fateh tells Jasmine that they have to stop the wedding before it’s too late. Jasmine agrees with Fateh’s words. Fateh enters his room then gets shocked seeing the candle light arrangements also Tejo with flowers in her hands.

Tejo gets upset. Fateh then makes an excuse that he is having a terrible headache when he sees Tejo is dressed up for him. Tejo then takes care of Fateh thinking that he has a head ache which makes Fateh guilty and sad.

Gippi goes to Jasmine’s house and asks her to give him her passport so that he can able to apply for VISA. Jasmine acts like searching then tells that she dont know where she kept her passport.
Rupi scolds Jasmine but Gippi tells if they cant find they can apply for a new one and asks Jasmine to meet him in the evening then leaves the place. When Saurabh confronts Jasmine about her lie Jasmine asks Saurabh to expose her infront of everyone if she can then she tells that she is going to search for the passport in her college locker.

Fateh and Jasmine meets each other. Jasmine tells him whatever happened then tells that today is the day during the dinner she will make sure her family members break her wedding arrangements with Gippi. Fateh asks what’s in her mind. Jasmine asks Fateh to just follow her instructions then smiles.

Jasmine tells Fateh that they have to do something to stop the wedding then Fateh will get a call from Tejo so he goes to academy to have lunch with her. Jasmine shares her plan with Sweety and asks her to help. Sweety agrees to help Jasmine. Jasmine then clicks a picture of Sweety and Gippi in a compromising position when Sweety bumps into Gippi.
Tejo shows Fateh her presetation then tells him that he is an inspiration of many. Tejo gets suspicious of Simran when she sees the sun light while they are talking to each other but Simran cuts the call makes an excuse. Fateh and Tejo goes to Tejo’s house.

Jasmine serves everyone tea. Tejo teases Jasmine for trying to be a homemaker. Gippi comes to the house for the dinner. Jasmine tells Tejo that she wants to talk to Gippi something important and goes to her room. Tejo gets worried. Gippi flirts with Jasmine then shares his plans what they are going to do after their wedding also asks her to do whatever she wants he wont stop her. Jasmine sends a message asking Fateh to send Tejo after five minutes.

Jasmine asks Gippi is he is having an affair with anyone. Gippi gets shocked and tells her that he loves and no one else. Fateh sends Tejo to Jasmine’s room. Jasmine slaps herself and screams. Tejo enters the room and gets shocked seeing Jasmine’s condition then asks Gippi how dare he lay a hand on her sister.
The whole family comes to the room. Gippi by mistake pushes Tejo which leads Fateh to punch him. Jasmine cries and tells everyone that Gippi is having an affair but Saurabh defends him saying that Gippi wont never do such things. Jasmine will show the picture of Sweety hugging Gippi wgich shocks everyone.

Gippi tells everyone that he is Innocent then pleads Jasmine to tell everyone the truth. Fateh learns Jasmine is framing Gippi so he gets upset and disgusted by her game plans. Abhiraj holds Gippi’s collar to throw him out of the house.

In the upcoming episode of Udaariyan it will be shown that Tejo will see Saurabh is talking to Gippi. Fateh will scold Jasmine for framing Gippi unnecessarily. Jasmine will questions Fateh’s love for her. Then she say to Fateh that he is not loving her like before so she is going to leave him.

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