Udaariyan: What is Jasmine upto next?

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Colors Tv’s newly launched show Udaariyan is loved by many audience because of its unique story line. Fateh and Tejo gets stuck on their way back to home from their night out. On the other hand Jasmine goes to search for Fateh and Tejo with the help of Amrik. Now it will be interesting to see what going to happen next.

In the current track it shown that Fateh tells Tejo that he didnt know even Tejo can lie. Tejo laughs and tells Fateh that she just said a small lie compared to what he told. Fateh then tells Tejo that the fruit punch in which alcohol is mixed in it.
Tejo gets shocked then she says to Fateh now she is drunk so she can talk to him anything right. Then she tells Fateh that she wants to run away their next day of the marriage also she wanted slap him when he insulted infront of everyone for wearing Jasmine’s saree.

Fateh asks Tejo to slap him then apologises to her for his behaviour in the beginning also tells that he is so lucky to have someone like her as his wife because even though all the things he did to hurt her she is there for him in his each and every steps.

Tejo tells that she is Happy that Fateh realised his mistake. Jasmine in her room ruin her face with make up and tells that no one can take Fateh from her also the smile in her face then she goes out to search for Fateh and Tejo.

Fateh and Tejo’s car gets stuck but before Fateh check what happened rain starts pouring so with the help of umbrella which Tejo bought with her Fateh checks the car. Tejo laughs at Fateh when she saw his face full of grease so she helps him remove the grease then when she slips Fateh catches her in his arms.

Amrik asks Jasmine to go to her house saying once Fateh and Tejo returns he will inform her. Jasmine refuses and tells that she has to find them because they are in trouble. Fateh then sends a message to Amrik asking him to come and pick them because they are stuck.

Amrik and Jasmine decides to go to the location which Fateh sends. Tejo teases and asks Fateh what happened to his idea to be adventurous. Fateh tells that they dont have dry clothes also worried about her health.

Tejo takes the bag which Sandhu’s gave her and tells they do have dry and new clothes so now they can start their adventurous and leaves the car. Fateh accompanies Tejo. Amrik and Jasmine reaches the location which Fateh send them but they gets worried because Fateh and Tejo is not there.

Jasmine asks Amrik to wait and she goes to search for Fateh and Tejo. Both Fateh and Tejo tries to open the door of the house but fails so Fateh climbs the tree to get inside the house through upstairs. Tejo also follows Fateh. Jasmine searches for Fateh and Tejo.

Fateh gets inside the house through window. Tejo also gets inside but then she slips so Fateh catches her before she falls. Jasmine hears some noise so she goes nearby the window and gets shocked seeing the way Fateh is holding Tejo. Fateh and Tejo looks at each other.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Fateh and Tejo will get closer to each other inside the house which they entered through window. Fateh will bring his face closer to Tejo. Tejo will close her eyes. Jasmine will get shocked seeing Fateh is about to kiss Tejo.

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