Udaariyan: What is Simmy’s motive?

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In the latest episode, Rano says that neither Simmy nor Meher would go anywhere. Since Simmy brought Meher back to them, she would stay with them. Simmy says she would only stay here if Aasman leaves the house. Rano asks Aasman to leave once again and starts dragging her towards the door. Armaan tries to stop Rano and says they owe so many things to them.

Rnao asks Armaan to decide if a person who cheated him six years back is more important or his child who gave him hope to survive. As Armaan remains silent, Aasman leaves the house. She thinks to herself that she won’t let anything happen to Meher or Armaan’s family and would have to expose Simmy’s motive.

Later she enters Armaan’s house in a man’s disguise pretending to be their old servant’s son. She seeks help from the old man and Sukhi supports her himself and says he is with her. Asmaan keeps an eye over Simmy and takes care of Meher in the house. As a fire breaks out in Armaan’s office room at the house, Aasman saves everyone on time by risking her own.

At night, Aasmaan catches Simmy searching for something in Armaan’s room secretly in the dark. She puts on the light and asks what she is looking for when Simmy gives an excuse. She notices nail paint Aasman’s nails so she asks her to show her hand and doubts her. Armaan thinks of informing Aasman about his new venture and sharing the good news with her. In the next episode, Armaan would be seen visiting Aasman’s place to meet Aasmaan while she would be seen at his place. To know if Aasman gets caught, keep watching Udaariyan.